Melt My Heart

Max loves Emma and he tells me, "Emma loves me!"

Little Miss and I were sitting on the patio relaxing, enjoying some
mommy and daughter time. 

Ian spoiled us with Sounders gear, and now Max
always wants to wear his jacket.
Melt my heart.  Seeing her smile is beyond
precious, and puts a smile on my face.
This past weekend was great.  Friday Ian and I stayed up ridiculously late and watched "This is 40".  It had some majorly funny parts, but towards the end it felt like it was the never ending movie, and I just wanted to go to sleep.  Saturday we went for a long walk around the lake.  Have I mentioned how much I love living by the lake?  Then we went to watch the Sounders game at a brewery and met up with Ian's childhood friend from AK and his girlfriend.  Fun times!  We ended the night with a game night with Adam and Lisa.  Girls against boys....you can guess who won.  :)
Yesterday we took Max to see Monsters University.  The cutest movie!  Max loved the snacks and the movie.  Emma slept the whole time (yay!).  It's adorable watching a movie with a theater full of kiddos.  To hear their giggles.  C.U.T.E.  We ended our night with a lovely walk in rain (sprinkle).
I can't say I have a routine yet with both kiddos.  I also can't say that I'll ever go to a store with just me and the kiddos.  Did that and it was a stressful mess.  It really wasn't all that bad, but in the moment it was too much.  I wanted to join Emma with the shrieking cry.  So yeah...only outing I take will include Ian, or we're not going out.  Sorry kids.


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  1. Love the photos! I know I'm loving life with two kids 2 and younger - I just wonder if things will keep going as smoothly as they seem to be going so far...

    And I agree about "This is 40" - we ordered that movie on payperview when some friends came over, and if it wasn't for having someone else over to watch the movie with, I'm pretty sure my husband would have gave up on the movie and would have fell asleep during it. Many funny points but it dragged on.

    1. I attempted an outing with both kiddos. This time I wore Emma in the Ergo, and it was so much better! That's how all my future outings will be!