One Month

I can't believe our baby girl is one month old!! 

Emma Facts
-She loves eating (well I guess drinking) and would do it all day if I let her.
-Her inner diva comes out when she demands to be fed.
-Tummy time is her least favorite thing to do, but her little neck is crazy strong.
-She's starting to make cute baby noises and waves her arms and kicks her legs like she's trying to go somewhere.
-She is still wearing NB clothes, but I'm putting her in 0-3 month outfits...even though they are too big on her.
-She's also still in NB diapers.
-She continues to be a pooping machine and farts like a grown man.  Ian always tells her that girls don't do that. She just does it louder.
-She's a mama's girl for the moment, because I give her the goods.
-She loves to hear us sing to her, and she thinks we have the best voices in the world.  Her favorite song is You're My Sunshine.
-She falls asleep within 5 minutes when she's in the Ergo. (I've never actually timed, but it's pretty darn quick.)
-She loves baths as long as the water is warm.
-Her sleeping schedule isn't on a schedule yet.  Some nights she wakes up every 2 hours, other nights she blesses me with a solid 4 hours of sleep.
-She doesn't quite like her paci, and she lets it fall out of her mouth on purpose.

We go to her monthly checkup on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to the shots, and poor Emma has no idea what's going to happen.  Max will be with me, so hopefully he doesn't get traumatized.  Let's hope it's better than what I'm thinking it's going to be like....

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