Two Months

- Emma is in size 1 diapers. (I still haven't tried cloth diapers.  I don't know why I'm so hesitant to do so, I have everything I need...soon. )
-She's in 0-3 month clothes.  (I packed up her NB clothes. Sad.)
-She loves to sit up and look around. (Laying down was soooo 1 month ago.)
-She's becoming more of a diva by the day. (You should hear her. Loud, shrill, come and pick me up right now cries.  Oh and there are tears.  Break my heart.)
-She is a total Daddy's girl. (She'll be fussy all day and then Ian comes home and she's making pretty baby sounds, batting her eyes, smiling, and making me sound like a liar. Thanks Emma.)
-She grunts.  (She does this mostly when she's eating.  She acts as if she hasn't eaten all day, and grunts like a bear attacking it's prey.)
-She spazzes out while she sleeps. (I mean full on waving of arms, jerks, grunts, ninja kicks...she must be having some crazy dreams.)
-She has this fake cough she does when she's about to eat.  (I think she's going to be an actress when she grows up, and this girl can play us all.)
-She isn't consistent yet, but she mostly sleeps through the night. (High five Emma!)
-She loves to be snuggled up in my arms. (Especially when I'm trying to cook, clean, do laundry, eat...my time is her time.)
-She is ruler of the house. (and she knows it.)

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Fashion and Mini Golf

Because every day is a fashion show for Emma...

I love Emma in yellow, plus this had ruffle bottoms which made it even that much cuter.  Her Daddy may have tried to put the ruffles on the front.  Ruffle crotch is not trend we're wanting to start.  He wasn't impressed that I may have laughed.

Daddy's Girl. All Emma has to do is look at her Daddy and she has him in the palm of her hand.  I love navy and pink together.  

I die.  The baby skinny jeans, red shoes, hoodie....die.  Emma was not impressed with my taking her picture this day.  Don't let the sweet smiles fool you.  She was MAD, and she lasted in this outfit the time it took to take these pictures. 
Aww she's so stinkin' cute.  

1. Her neck is strong.
2. She so looks like Max.
3. This melts my heart and makes me so mushy gushy. 

My handsome baby boy who will be 3 next month. 

There's something special with a boy and his cars.  He played for quite some time with his cars, talking, making car noises, and letting his imagination shine.  Beyond cute.

"Ummm Daddy, what does that sign say?"

We took Max to play mini golf today and he had so much fun! He got not one, but TWO hole in ones.  After he'd hit the ball the first time, he'd look at it and yell, "GET IN THE HOLE!!!!" He loves Happy Gilmore.  Him and his Daddy also played arcade games and won a bunch of tickets.  Max came home with a bunch of junk, but to him it's treasure. 

Ian was getting ready for work and Max put on his shoes.  In hand he had a baby wipe, that really is a ninja turtle weapon.  Great imagination he has. 

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School Time

When we lived in AZ I was pretty good at doing educational activities with Max.  Then we moved, Emma was born, and educational activities were put on the back burner.  Truthfully, they weren't even on my mommy radar.  Today the teacher in me came out in full force.  I made Max a folder, gave him "special" colored pencils that he will treat nicely, and printed minibooks/activity pages for him to do.  I found a couple of awesome websites: PreschoolMom and Turtle Diary

Today we did a worksheet that focused on 4 shapes/colors.  I asked him the shape, then the color, and then told him to find the same shape.  He did an awesome job at this.  He colors scribbles quite well.  By the end he finally understood what color inside the shape meant...well kind of.  He was so excited.  It was so cute and made my innerteacher self super happy. 

Max will be 3 next month, and he amazes me every day.  He's favorite saying right now is, "Oooh right!"  Yesterday our conversation went like this:

J: "Max be quiet, Emma is sleeping."
M: "Oh right! I not say it loud. Okay."

"Okay" is another favorite word, and he says it at the end of his sentences in a tough boy voice. 

"I not take a nap. Okay."
"Emma Girl sooo cute. Okay."
"Oh, I need watch Happy Gilmore. Okay." (Judge away all you want.  He loves the golf parts, and I can assure you he doesn't get Adam Sandler's jokes....yet.)
"I eat dinner then take walk down lake. Okay."

Max is so ready to go to school.  More so for the playground, but
 we just won't tell him that he won't play all day.

If you know of any awesome websites for toddler learning, I'd love to hear about them!

Now for a little fashion picture....

Max started calling her "Emma Girl", and it pretty much melted our
hearts on the spot. 

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TV Goodness

When we got settled into our home we decided to not get cable.  Well actually we were going to start our DirectTv relationship up again, but we had issues with them.  It ended with us breaking up with them, and I don't think we'll get back together anytime soon.  We finally got around to getting a digital antenna so we now get 24 channels.  I was beyond excited because I can now get back to watching my cheesy, predictable, soapy, tv goodness General Hospital.  Yesterday was the first day I was going to watch it....

Emma was a nervous wreck around 3:30 in the AM, waiting in anticipation of hearing whether the royal bambino was a prince or princess.

Timing could have been a bit better Kate.

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Princess Emma

Ian's parents came to visit this past week.  They bought Emma a Minnie Mouse onesie and so I turned into that mom that matches her kids and put Max into his Mickey shirt.  Then I proceeded to take a million pictures. 

Emma is officially out of NB clothes!  0-3 and 3 month clothes are all the rage, and we have a fashion show every morning.  So far Emma is still a fan of this little routine.

Be still my heart.
We went to the Sounders game on Saturday.  Max was so excited and had a blast getting his hair colored to match his awesome tattoo.  Emma on the other hand wasn't a fan.  Her cry is no longer the sweet NB cry, but a loud, shrieking, everyone stop and look at me cry.  I had tons of fun.  Tons.
"Emma a princess and Max king of the wild things."
Seriously Max makes my heart want to burst.
Emma is waiting in anticipation of the new of the royal bambino.  She's crossing her fingers its a boy so she can one day be a royal princess.  Princess Emma...definitely has a ring to it.

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This weekend was a busy one!  Ian's parents and our nephew came into town to visit for a week!  Yesterday we went to a Mariners game.  You all know how much I just love baseball, and by love I mean not like it at all.  We had really good seats, the sun was shining, and it was down right hot.  I was also wearing Emma so we were both a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes.  Safeco Field is pretty cool though and I enjoyed walking around.  Plus they have veggie dogs, so I was one happy girl. 

While there, they have this play area for the kids.  Max loved it, and did not want to leave.  When their time was up Max was determined to stay in the play area.  Ian had to go in and bring him out.  There were tears and screams.  We had one pissed and tired 2 year old on our hands.  His mum-mum took him for a walk and he ended falling asleep.  Thankfully.

Once the game was finally over we had more sports in our future.  We went and watched a Seattle Reign soccer game.  The only name I knew was Hope Solo.  We were once again in the blazing sun.  We toughed it out for about 30 minutes.  Then thankfully our day of sporting events was over.

Today.  Today we're staying inside out of the sun.  I have a lovely sun burn that looks awesome.  I swear I'm more tan now than  I was while living in AZ.   I wouldn't mind some rain...and just like that the Hilary Duff song about  letting the rain fall down popped into my head.  

I only took two pictures this weekend.  I'm slacking, I know.   I'll be better.  Both are also of Emma and one is of her sleeping.  Some might not understand pictures of sleeping babies.  I personally love them, and I can't stop taking them.  We have a bazillion of Max when he was a tiny baby. 

Oh, and this weekend I would have seen the Package Tour (terrible name) with Leslie in AZ if we still lived there.  My teenybopper heart was majorly sad when I saw friends posting pictures to their instagram, just rubbing it in that I was missing out. 

Out sleeping beauty.  Seriously though, how can you not like
pictures of a sleeping baby?

Emma was wide awake on our way to the soccer game.  About
10 minutes later her inner diva came out. 

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3 P's

Max was showing Emma how to do tummy time.
He told her, "I show you Emma!"
Emma decided to forget about tummy time and focus on her hand.
Baby bangs and a pink bow....seriously I'm dying.  Cuteness overload.

Who needs a paci?

Max wanted one cheddar bunny, and I foolishly let him handle the bunny
grabbing himself.  He thought emptying the whole box was way easier
to get his ONE cheddar bunny.
I know the blog updates are lacking, but I seriously can't find the time these days to blog.  Maybe when Emma is a bit older and naps become more of a routine, but right now we have no routine.   When naps do happen I try and get things done around the house, or I cuddle my kiddos.  There are some mommy bloggers out there that make life with two kiddos sound easy and they blog every single day.   I'm not there yet.  Lately, I'm either covered in pee, poop, or puke.  Max wants to do everything by himself and has turned into a mess making soon to be 3 year old.  Emma is full of smiles, and I swear she is close to lol-ing.  These two keep me busy, and sometimes make me cry from pure overwhelmness, but I wouldn't change it.  Well....maybe less puke and poop. 

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4th of July

 1. Playing football with Daddy until the parade begins.
2. Cruising on Sutton's awesome stroller around Point Roberts.
3. Max was beyond excited to find out they throw candy at parades.
4. Snuggling with my girl.
5.Waving the flag and loving the parade.
6.Max wanted to share his candy with Sutton.
7. Some "little jerk" threw candy right at Ian and it hit his lip.  There was blood.
8.My patriotic loves.
9. We get to see fireworks?!
1. The boys having fun in the sand.
2 &3.. Max and Daddy working on a sand castle.
4. Emma relaxing at the beach.
5. I can throw farther than you.
6. No, I can throw farther than you.

Max was nice enough to give his little sister a ride on his shoulders.
Emma was nice enough to throw up all over her big brother's head.

Coming back into the USA.

She's already giving me teenage attitude.

Emma loves her Daddy.  He fed her for the first time
last night.

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Chocolate Mess

Last night while making dinner I had a Grace like moment. (Read the whole post or skip down to #4)  Max's little incident wasn't to the extent of pro messes that Grace's kiddos find themselves in, and they would probably teach Max a lesson in mess making, but none the less his messes need to start somewhere. 

I was holding Emma in one arm, while I was grilling corn with the other.  Max told me he wanted chocolate milk.  I told him he could have some with dinner.  I turn around and in the 5 seconds I wasn't looking he had grabbed the chocolate milk powder, opened it, poured it on his table, licked his whole hand, put gross hand into the powder, and then enjoyed licking off the chocolate mess.  He was so proud of himself.  I was about to get upset, and then asked myself, "What would Grace do?"  Take  a picture of course! 

Today was Emma's one month checkup.  Little Miss isn't so little.  She is now 10lbs 2oz (75-90%) and 22in long (90-95%).  When it came time for her shot, the minute the needle touched her little leg she started crying.  Max was too into the books that were in the room to notice. 

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Sports Shenanigans

We had a fun filled weekend of sports. 

Saturday: We took Max to an event that the Seahawks were putting on for families.  Max was super excited until he saw Blitz, the scary looking mascot for the Seahawks.   He looked over his shoulder the rest of the time we were there to make sure Blitz was no where near him.  They did get to take a picture with a rookie TE and a Seagal. 

After some fun in the hot sun we went and had lunch at a place called Duke's.  The best halibut sandwich I've ever had.  I also tried sweet potato fries for the first time.  Heaven.  Seriously, I could just eat those for every meal.  Yum!

Before heading home we went to a Farmers Market that's pretty close to our place.  We've found our new place to get fresh produce!  We bought some yummy veggies to for our pizza that we made.  So good people.

Sunday: Ian took Max to get a haircut.  Not the best haircut he's ever gotten, but he's cute so he can pull it off.  Then we went to an event that the Sounders were putting on for their fans.  A few of the players were there (I don't know their names yet..maybe one day.), they had different soccer activities, locker room tours, and Max loved it!  He was running around all over kicking the soccer ball with a serious look on his face.  He wasn't there to mess around, he was there to show off his soccer skills.  By the time we left he was a hot, sweaty mess.  He slept good last night.

My favorite boys.

Max is starting to love soccer as much as he loves hockey.

Sami's Shenanigans

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