3 P's

Max was showing Emma how to do tummy time.
He told her, "I show you Emma!"
Emma decided to forget about tummy time and focus on her hand.
Baby bangs and a pink bow....seriously I'm dying.  Cuteness overload.

Who needs a paci?

Max wanted one cheddar bunny, and I foolishly let him handle the bunny
grabbing himself.  He thought emptying the whole box was way easier
to get his ONE cheddar bunny.
I know the blog updates are lacking, but I seriously can't find the time these days to blog.  Maybe when Emma is a bit older and naps become more of a routine, but right now we have no routine.   When naps do happen I try and get things done around the house, or I cuddle my kiddos.  There are some mommy bloggers out there that make life with two kiddos sound easy and they blog every single day.   I'm not there yet.  Lately, I'm either covered in pee, poop, or puke.  Max wants to do everything by himself and has turned into a mess making soon to be 3 year old.  Emma is full of smiles, and I swear she is close to lol-ing.  These two keep me busy, and sometimes make me cry from pure overwhelmness, but I wouldn't change it.  Well....maybe less puke and poop. 

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  1. I love the top photo - very cute! I agree with you, sometimes you just don't know where the day goes and when you do have "free" time from both kids you'd rather sleep or you just need to catch up on household things!