4th of July

 1. Playing football with Daddy until the parade begins.
2. Cruising on Sutton's awesome stroller around Point Roberts.
3. Max was beyond excited to find out they throw candy at parades.
4. Snuggling with my girl.
5.Waving the flag and loving the parade.
6.Max wanted to share his candy with Sutton.
7. Some "little jerk" threw candy right at Ian and it hit his lip.  There was blood.
8.My patriotic loves.
9. We get to see fireworks?!
1. The boys having fun in the sand.
2 &3.. Max and Daddy working on a sand castle.
4. Emma relaxing at the beach.
5. I can throw farther than you.
6. No, I can throw farther than you.

Max was nice enough to give his little sister a ride on his shoulders.
Emma was nice enough to throw up all over her big brother's head.

Coming back into the USA.

She's already giving me teenage attitude.

Emma loves her Daddy.  He fed her for the first time
last night.

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