Chocolate Mess

Last night while making dinner I had a Grace like moment. (Read the whole post or skip down to #4)  Max's little incident wasn't to the extent of pro messes that Grace's kiddos find themselves in, and they would probably teach Max a lesson in mess making, but none the less his messes need to start somewhere. 

I was holding Emma in one arm, while I was grilling corn with the other.  Max told me he wanted chocolate milk.  I told him he could have some with dinner.  I turn around and in the 5 seconds I wasn't looking he had grabbed the chocolate milk powder, opened it, poured it on his table, licked his whole hand, put gross hand into the powder, and then enjoyed licking off the chocolate mess.  He was so proud of himself.  I was about to get upset, and then asked myself, "What would Grace do?"  Take  a picture of course! 

Today was Emma's one month checkup.  Little Miss isn't so little.  She is now 10lbs 2oz (75-90%) and 22in long (90-95%).  When it came time for her shot, the minute the needle touched her little leg she started crying.  Max was too into the books that were in the room to notice. 

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