Fashion and Mini Golf

Because every day is a fashion show for Emma...

I love Emma in yellow, plus this had ruffle bottoms which made it even that much cuter.  Her Daddy may have tried to put the ruffles on the front.  Ruffle crotch is not trend we're wanting to start.  He wasn't impressed that I may have laughed.

Daddy's Girl. All Emma has to do is look at her Daddy and she has him in the palm of her hand.  I love navy and pink together.  

I die.  The baby skinny jeans, red shoes, hoodie....die.  Emma was not impressed with my taking her picture this day.  Don't let the sweet smiles fool you.  She was MAD, and she lasted in this outfit the time it took to take these pictures. 
Aww she's so stinkin' cute.  

1. Her neck is strong.
2. She so looks like Max.
3. This melts my heart and makes me so mushy gushy. 

My handsome baby boy who will be 3 next month. 

There's something special with a boy and his cars.  He played for quite some time with his cars, talking, making car noises, and letting his imagination shine.  Beyond cute.

"Ummm Daddy, what does that sign say?"

We took Max to play mini golf today and he had so much fun! He got not one, but TWO hole in ones.  After he'd hit the ball the first time, he'd look at it and yell, "GET IN THE HOLE!!!!" He loves Happy Gilmore.  Him and his Daddy also played arcade games and won a bunch of tickets.  Max came home with a bunch of junk, but to him it's treasure. 

Ian was getting ready for work and Max put on his shoes.  In hand he had a baby wipe, that really is a ninja turtle weapon.  Great imagination he has. 

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