Princess Emma

Ian's parents came to visit this past week.  They bought Emma a Minnie Mouse onesie and so I turned into that mom that matches her kids and put Max into his Mickey shirt.  Then I proceeded to take a million pictures. 

Emma is officially out of NB clothes!  0-3 and 3 month clothes are all the rage, and we have a fashion show every morning.  So far Emma is still a fan of this little routine.

Be still my heart.
We went to the Sounders game on Saturday.  Max was so excited and had a blast getting his hair colored to match his awesome tattoo.  Emma on the other hand wasn't a fan.  Her cry is no longer the sweet NB cry, but a loud, shrieking, everyone stop and look at me cry.  I had tons of fun.  Tons.
"Emma a princess and Max king of the wild things."
Seriously Max makes my heart want to burst.
Emma is waiting in anticipation of the new of the royal bambino.  She's crossing her fingers its a boy so she can one day be a royal princess.  Princess Emma...definitely has a ring to it.

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