School Time

When we lived in AZ I was pretty good at doing educational activities with Max.  Then we moved, Emma was born, and educational activities were put on the back burner.  Truthfully, they weren't even on my mommy radar.  Today the teacher in me came out in full force.  I made Max a folder, gave him "special" colored pencils that he will treat nicely, and printed minibooks/activity pages for him to do.  I found a couple of awesome websites: PreschoolMom and Turtle Diary

Today we did a worksheet that focused on 4 shapes/colors.  I asked him the shape, then the color, and then told him to find the same shape.  He did an awesome job at this.  He colors scribbles quite well.  By the end he finally understood what color inside the shape meant...well kind of.  He was so excited.  It was so cute and made my innerteacher self super happy. 

Max will be 3 next month, and he amazes me every day.  He's favorite saying right now is, "Oooh right!"  Yesterday our conversation went like this:

J: "Max be quiet, Emma is sleeping."
M: "Oh right! I not say it loud. Okay."

"Okay" is another favorite word, and he says it at the end of his sentences in a tough boy voice. 

"I not take a nap. Okay."
"Emma Girl sooo cute. Okay."
"Oh, I need watch Happy Gilmore. Okay." (Judge away all you want.  He loves the golf parts, and I can assure you he doesn't get Adam Sandler's jokes....yet.)
"I eat dinner then take walk down lake. Okay."

Max is so ready to go to school.  More so for the playground, but
 we just won't tell him that he won't play all day.

If you know of any awesome websites for toddler learning, I'd love to hear about them!

Now for a little fashion picture....

Max started calling her "Emma Girl", and it pretty much melted our
hearts on the spot. 

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