Sports Shenanigans

We had a fun filled weekend of sports. 

Saturday: We took Max to an event that the Seahawks were putting on for families.  Max was super excited until he saw Blitz, the scary looking mascot for the Seahawks.   He looked over his shoulder the rest of the time we were there to make sure Blitz was no where near him.  They did get to take a picture with a rookie TE and a Seagal. 

After some fun in the hot sun we went and had lunch at a place called Duke's.  The best halibut sandwich I've ever had.  I also tried sweet potato fries for the first time.  Heaven.  Seriously, I could just eat those for every meal.  Yum!

Before heading home we went to a Farmers Market that's pretty close to our place.  We've found our new place to get fresh produce!  We bought some yummy veggies to for our pizza that we made.  So good people.

Sunday: Ian took Max to get a haircut.  Not the best haircut he's ever gotten, but he's cute so he can pull it off.  Then we went to an event that the Sounders were putting on for their fans.  A few of the players were there (I don't know their names yet..maybe one day.), they had different soccer activities, locker room tours, and Max loved it!  He was running around all over kicking the soccer ball with a serious look on his face.  He wasn't there to mess around, he was there to show off his soccer skills.  By the time we left he was a hot, sweaty mess.  He slept good last night.

My favorite boys.

Max is starting to love soccer as much as he loves hockey.

Sami's Shenanigans

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