Two Months

- Emma is in size 1 diapers. (I still haven't tried cloth diapers.  I don't know why I'm so hesitant to do so, I have everything I need...soon. )
-She's in 0-3 month clothes.  (I packed up her NB clothes. Sad.)
-She loves to sit up and look around. (Laying down was soooo 1 month ago.)
-She's becoming more of a diva by the day. (You should hear her. Loud, shrill, come and pick me up right now cries.  Oh and there are tears.  Break my heart.)
-She is a total Daddy's girl. (She'll be fussy all day and then Ian comes home and she's making pretty baby sounds, batting her eyes, smiling, and making me sound like a liar. Thanks Emma.)
-She grunts.  (She does this mostly when she's eating.  She acts as if she hasn't eaten all day, and grunts like a bear attacking it's prey.)
-She spazzes out while she sleeps. (I mean full on waving of arms, jerks, grunts, ninja kicks...she must be having some crazy dreams.)
-She has this fake cough she does when she's about to eat.  (I think she's going to be an actress when she grows up, and this girl can play us all.)
-She isn't consistent yet, but she mostly sleeps through the night. (High five Emma!)
-She loves to be snuggled up in my arms. (Especially when I'm trying to cook, clean, do laundry, eat...my time is her time.)
-She is ruler of the house. (and she knows it.)

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