This weekend was a busy one!  Ian's parents and our nephew came into town to visit for a week!  Yesterday we went to a Mariners game.  You all know how much I just love baseball, and by love I mean not like it at all.  We had really good seats, the sun was shining, and it was down right hot.  I was also wearing Emma so we were both a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes.  Safeco Field is pretty cool though and I enjoyed walking around.  Plus they have veggie dogs, so I was one happy girl. 

While there, they have this play area for the kids.  Max loved it, and did not want to leave.  When their time was up Max was determined to stay in the play area.  Ian had to go in and bring him out.  There were tears and screams.  We had one pissed and tired 2 year old on our hands.  His mum-mum took him for a walk and he ended falling asleep.  Thankfully.

Once the game was finally over we had more sports in our future.  We went and watched a Seattle Reign soccer game.  The only name I knew was Hope Solo.  We were once again in the blazing sun.  We toughed it out for about 30 minutes.  Then thankfully our day of sporting events was over.

Today.  Today we're staying inside out of the sun.  I have a lovely sun burn that looks awesome.  I swear I'm more tan now than  I was while living in AZ.   I wouldn't mind some rain...and just like that the Hilary Duff song about  letting the rain fall down popped into my head.  

I only took two pictures this weekend.  I'm slacking, I know.   I'll be better.  Both are also of Emma and one is of her sleeping.  Some might not understand pictures of sleeping babies.  I personally love them, and I can't stop taking them.  We have a bazillion of Max when he was a tiny baby. 

Oh, and this weekend I would have seen the Package Tour (terrible name) with Leslie in AZ if we still lived there.  My teenybopper heart was majorly sad when I saw friends posting pictures to their instagram, just rubbing it in that I was missing out. 

Out sleeping beauty.  Seriously though, how can you not like
pictures of a sleeping baby?

Emma was wide awake on our way to the soccer game.  About
10 minutes later her inner diva came out. 

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