September Goals

I decided to link up with Erica for some September Goals...let's see if blogging about it to the whole blogland will keep me motivated for a month.

September Goals (that I better stick to!)

Workout 5 times a week in the AM before the kiddos wake up.  Lord help me with this one.  I start working out and do really well, and then I stop and do that really well too. 

Jog the entire Color Run 5k. Yeah I said jog.   I haven't been running, and if you remember the good eye doc told me I shouldn't.  I don't want to walk the 5K though.  So I'll jog slooooow.  I'm super excited for this!!

Have some me time. This is really hard for me. I always feel guilty being away from Max and Emma, but I need to make this a priority.  I need to take care of myself to keep me sane.  There's a yoga place near by that offers 7 classes for $7 (total) for new students.  Crazy!  I'm excited to try it out!

Cook atleast one new meal a week.  I have my staples that we love and I like cooking every week, but I need to spice up our dinner meals.  Pinterest here I come!

I think those are some pretty good goals for the month of September.  I'll share back with you at the end of the month and blog about me reaching my goals.  Ahh you see that, me being all positive and stuff?

Erica Ashley

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3 Months

Emma Facts
-She puts anything and everything in her mouth.  Hands, fingers, blanket....if it's in grasping reach, watch out!
-She's still a pooping machine.  I seriously don't remember Max being this poopy.  It's all the time.  Gross, go up her back, get on her cute outfit, explosion of diapers.
-She wakes up once in the night to get her feeding on...Mama loves this.  The more sleep we get, the happier we all are in the morning.
-Her Divaness comes out when she is angry.  Her Divaness likes it when Mr. Fussypants is here to play, but luckily that hasn't happened too often.  I think in the future we may have a problem with those two causing trouble.
-She's eating now every 3-4 hours.  I'm trying not to comfort feed, and give her the paci more, but she's still not 100% sure of the whole paci business.
-She is wearing 3 month clothes nicely, and 3-6 month clothing is still a little big on her.
-She rolls from her back to tummy. Now if she could only figure out to do once she's on her tummy she'd be happy.
-She LoLs when something or someone is super funny, but she doesn't throw her laughs around easily.
-She will be going on her first airplane ride soon!  Let's hope she's as awesome of a traveler as Max was at her age.
-She coos and is finding her playful screams.
-She drools all the time, which Max thinks she is spitting.  He's still lecturing her on where she should and shouldn't be spitting.

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Those Three Words

You're that mom.  Gasp, gulp, sigh...I'm totally that mom.  Y'know the one that posts far too many pictures of their kids on Facebook?  Kids that I happen to think are cute, but I am a tiny bit biased.   In my defense though, I am a SAHM/momarazzi.  My day revolves around two tiny people who do funny, bad, adorable, cute things throughout the day and I like to document every little thing.  Is that so bad?  Facebook has all sorts of that type of person.  You have that person who posts pictures of their animals like they are their kids.  Don't get mad/offended, I'm just not an animal person, but you better believe if it's cute I'll be "liking" that picture.  You have that person who posts shameless selfies all. the. time.  Hey, if I looked as good as you, I'm sure I'd be posting selfies 24/7. 24/7 people. You have that person who shares the quote pictures, and you know those people actually talk in quotes.  I like you people.  It means you watch far too much tv and movies like me.  You have that person who complains.  Sad face.  Just remember someone always has it worse.  Always. Instead of "like" for those types of status there should be a "hug" button.  You have that person who is a bag of brags.  Y'know that person who is so darn amazing that they must have rainbow colored pee.  Too graphic?  Sorry, I was just trying to get my point across.   Point of my post on types of Facebook people (other then to ask yourself which type of Facebook person you are) is to  remind you that I warned you.  I said that when Emma was born it was going to be picture overload. Over. Load.  I think I've lived up to that warning.  I even said to hide me from your timeline feed or unfriend.  So, when you come across the millionth picture of Emma or Max for the day, don't be rolling  your eyes and saying, "Jennifer is that mom." (and proud of it!)  because I warned you.  :) 

Now..to be that mom.

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Over Confident

Going to the store with two kiddos alone is a brave outing for a mama.  If you're going with more than two, then you should be given a medal of bravery.  I had thought that I had become a pro at my outings with the two kiddos.  You can laugh at me.  I was a tad bit over confident.   Today we went grocery shopping.  All was good.  Emma was napping in the Ergo, Max was walking next to me singing his ABC's....then just as lovely as our shopping was going it all turned to hell.  Max tripped and hit his face on the cart.  Screams of bloody murder followed, which woke up Emma from her nap.  Her shrieks of anger followed.  Trying to pick up Max while wearing Emma is one hard task.  I finally managed to get him in the cart to look at him, and a bruise already was on his sad looking face.  Emma was red in the face pissed, and I had to bounce around to make her divaness happy.  I'm sure the whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes, but it felt like it lasted 5 years.  Max wanted me to drop Emma and hold him, wanted to go home, would not stop crying...all of that at once...I was about to start shrieking.  So I did what I always do...yes you guessed it.  Mother of the year here.  I got him a treat.  It did not make all right in the world, but we managed to quickly finish shopping and get the heck out of there.  Why is it that outings with kiddos are either really awesome and leave you thinking that you have these outings with more than one kid down, or they are down right terrible?  The grocery gods were not on our side today.  Maybe next time...maybe.

"Oh! I yook cool Mommy!"
 (Over confident with his style? Nah, he has swag as his Daddy says.)


I figured I'd throw in a happy one of Emma...from yesterday,
 because today she's not happy.  Not that she was happy yesterday
either, but she's a good pretender. 

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This weekend went by too fast, but don't they all?  

Emma is rocking her tummy time.  She learned to roll over from her back to her tummy, but gets stuck and doesn't have any idea what to do after that.   Max also made her LoL, which made us LoL. So there was a whole lot of LoL-ing going on.

She's so gangsta when she sleeps. 
We went to the Sounders game yesterday, along with 67,365 other crazy fans.  Max had to get his tattoo and his hair did.  Emma was a hit with fans, and a creepy man told me he'd much rather watch her than the soccer game.  I held her tightly and we walked away.  The boys won, and it was pretty

Today...well today started out with Max not listening to me and spitting in my face.  Jealous? Let's hope your Monday starts off better than mine....

Sami's Shenanigans

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Sugar High

Here are just a few pictures from Max's birthday celebration.  We made a day of it, and he had F-U-N. His party was at Chuck E Cheese, which turned out "oh right" as he would say.  He had a blast playing a racing game.  Thank goodness kids don't get drivers license, because the roads would be scary.  We ended the night with a sugar high, and a kiddo who did not want to leave the place of fun!

Decorations for the birthday boy.

Birthday boy's reaction to decorations.

Ummm Mommy I want to go play, stop taking my picture.

Singing to the birthday boy with his candles lit for the second time.  He was so excited when they were first lit he blew them out right away.

Making a wish!

I get to have what's in the bag?!

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3 Years

Three years ago today whole lives changed when Max came into this world.  We knew nothing about being parents, and now here we are three years later all parenty pro-ish.   (We had another kiddo so we obviously feel confident in our skills.)

We cannot believe you are already 3! It seems like just yesterday we heard your first cry and you were placed in my arms.  Here you are, my 3 year old boy.  You make us so happy my sweet boy.  We are beyond blessed to be your parents.  Some things about you (Max Facts as I like to call them)

-You no longer like to take naps.  The days of 2 hour naps are gone, and those two hours are now filled with more playing.

-You talk nonstop.  You go through phases where you like to say a certain word repeatedly.  In the past couple days your favorite word is "huh"...I don't even know if it's a word.  You'll say, "Mommy, what you doing, huh?" It's so funny.  You also like to say it when I tell you to do something. 
     Me: Max pick up your toys.
     You: Huh?
     Me: Pick up your toys.
     You: Huh?
     You: (laughing) Ooohhhh pick up my toys? Oh right Mommy!

-You love to talk about what you did during the day and give every detail that you can remember. 

-You love to play rough and fight with your Daddy.  Your right hook is awesome.  Your Daddy might not agree.

-You get all up in Emma's face and say, "Hiiiiii! Hi Emma!" Then she smiles at you, and you get so happy and say, "Look, she's miling at me!" (You don't have the sm sound down yet.)

- You live for PB and J sandwiches, but really it's PB and H (honey), but no matter how many times I say honey you always say, "Yeah peanut butter jelly sammich."

-When Daddy goes for a run you always say, "Go down lake and get milkshake." to which you and him laugh like it's the funniest thing. 

-You still love hockey, but now you love playing soccer. 

Oh Max I could go on forever, but one day when you read this you'll probably be so embarrassed so I'll stop...well actually I want to take a video of you and ask you questions.  Might as well embarrass you more!  Being your Mommy is the best.  I love you. Forever and ever, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. 

I'll never forget the moment I held my Max for the first time.

My sweet boy turning 1!

So serious at 2.  We had just gotten him a haircut.

Birthday Survey in Max's words.
Favorite food:
Beans and Rice
Favorite sport:
Favorite show:
Ninja Turtles and Spiderman
Best Friend:
Daddy and then Emma and then Mommy
Favorite thing to learn right now:
The thing he does most awesomely is:
Spelling his name! (Thank goodness it's only 3 letters.  We're going to have to start working on our last name....)
If I could go anywhere in the world:
Down lake. (He loves going to the lake and playing at the park!)
Favorite color:
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
Coyote (Still loves hockey and his favorite team.)
Current favorite song:
Row Row Row Your Boat (Which he loves to sing over and over again.)
Favorite book:
Hungry Caterpillar
Llama Llama Mad at Mama
Three words that describe me:
Loving (Watching him with Emma is melt your heart worthy.)
Boyish (The spittingis getting out of hand.  He took a drink of milk only to keep it in his mouth so he could spit it out.  I thought he threw up, but no...)
My favorite season:
Favorite snack:
Fruit Snacks
One food that I dislike:
Green Beans (He loves to tell me what he "not like", and he won't eat it. At all.)
My best friend:
Daddy (Seriously so cute when he said this.)
If I had one wish it would be..:
To go down lake and play mini golf. 

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Hot Mess Times 3

Today has been rough. (This calls for bold, italic, and underline)  Emma has been a hot mess.  Like only wanting to be in my arms, I'm going to scream bloody murder if you put me down,  nothing you do will make me happy, hot mess.  Max does not like this at all, and has been a hot mess of his own.  Like the I don't want you to hold Emma all day, I want you to hold me all day, I'm going to write on myself with markers, throw my toys all over, and boss you around, hot mess.  I'm like a I need help hot mess.

Rewind 6 hours ago and we were having the best day.  We went to the park.  Max was having fun playing with the other kids, I was talking to other mommies, Emma was sleeping in the Ergo, the weather is beautiful (total weather brag to you AZ peeps. You can brag in the winter.) , we were all happy.   Then we came home.  Hot mess, hot mess, hot mess.

Take me back to the park!

Get out of my picture- Emma
You can see the desperation in my eyes...help.

No one is fooled by our smiles, not even Emma.

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High Five Me

Emma was quite comfortable in my arms.

This kid loves riding his scooter.  I've learned my lesson and we only ride it on the sidewalk by our place.  I'm not getting stuck caring his scooter and helmet and Emma.

Oh these two...I just love them.

Yesterday was the last day of Training Camp for the Seahawks.  Ian's work had a shindig for staff, family, and friends.  I had to park the car in a certain parking lot and then a shuttle took us over.  Max was in shuttle heaven.  When we got there we watched the guys run some drills or do whatever football players do at training camp.  Then we made our way to the kid area where they had face painting, balloons, bubbles, bouncy house, and some bouncy football thing you run across to make a touchdown.  Max got into the bouncy jump house and would not jump.  After awhile he finally did a little jump and then the rest is jumping history.  He is a bouncy jumping house pro.  He wanted nothing to do with the face painting or balloons.  It took two trips to the blowup football thing for him to actually walk (not run) across.  I don't think he'll be a football player when he grows up....

They also had an awesome picnic for everyone.  I was super happy when I asked if they had veggie burgers and the nice man said YES.  While Ian went to get his food, Max was sitting across from me.  The chairs were foldable chairs, but on the nicer side.  Poor kid fell and his chair tried to eat him.  He did not want to sit in his chair after that.  I couldn't blame him.  Emma was awesome and there was no crying.  I was asked if she was 6 months.  I kindly smiled and said 2 1/2, to which the nice lady said, "Ohh! Isn't that a cute bow in her hair." Nice way to change the subject lady.  

After we ate the players were walking off the field.  I'm not a Seahawks fan (Steelers for life!), but I will say it's always cool seeing professional athletes up close.  

The kiddos were able to play on the field and they brought out soccer balls, so Max turned into Clint Dempsey and was running all over the place.   He wasn't happy when we had to leave, but I did what any mother would do.  Bribed him with a cookie.  High five me. 

When we got back on the shuttle he was one happy kid, and kept telling me, "That's fun!"  

Emma doesn't like to share.

When I put Emma down to do something around the house, I'll ask Max to sing to her.  If she starts crying he tells me, "Mommy! Emma mad! My singing not working!"  He make me laugh.

Happy Friday.

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Bossy Boy

Max has been practicing his tracing, and I have to say he's getting pretty good.  We're still working on our coloring.  I also wanted him to try and write his name and he did underneath the tracing of his name.  What? You can't read it?

Max is a hoarder of all things, and especially stickers. 
 God forbid he lose one.  You don't want to ever see that happen.  

"I push Emma in the stroller oh right."
He pushed her until he saw a car coming and then he'd leave 
her and run for the sidewalk. Way to go big brother.

Lovity love.

Emma's Pap-pap and Mum-mum got her this outfit.  I love it!

And it has pockets.  Seriously how could I not pose 
her with her little hands in her little pockets.

She had an explosion of a diaper and it got on her white onesie.  Max told her, "Emma! You not poo poo in your diaper!  You poo poo in potty! Oh right Emma? Oh right."  She also drooled on him and he yelled, "Emma! You don't spit inside, you spit outside! Oh right?! Oh right." He's heard the spitting thing a time or two, because all of a sudden he loves spitting.  We go for a walk outside and he's spitting nonstop.  He is such a boy.  A spitting, leave your sister in the middle of the street, bossy boy.  And I love him. 

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A Little Cute With a Little Gross

Emma was acting like she was 5 months.  She loved sitting in the bumbo, and I can't believe she's only 2 months...

Max had to sit in the bumbo too.  Ha!

Someone got a new toy.  I don't think Daddy liked all the pink,
but it's a toy for his baby girl!

Max: I loooove you Emma!
Emma: Uh, Mommy do you really think it's a good idea for him to hold me?  

They slept until 10:15ish yesterday morning!  Max has been coming into our room between 1:30-3:30. He's been having bad dreams, but I think he likes our bed better than his.  Emma girl loves to snuggle her Mommy, and I'll take all the snuggles I can get!

This morning I let Max ride his scooter to check the mail.  Our two minute walk there turned into a half hour slooooooooooow walk.  It was so cute though, until he was done and I got stuck caring his scooter while he read a football magazine.  

Sweet, sweet Emma....who leaves Mommy the nastiest diapers. 
How something so gross can come from you.  It's a mystery.  

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