2 Month Stats and Peeing

 Emma had her 2 month check-up today.  Max, again, was a rockstar while at the doctors office.  He loves seeing the fish in the office and looks for Nemo.  When we went back to the room, Max wanted to read a book to Emma while we waited for the good doctor.  Of course it turned into me read the book to both of them, and all were happy.  Miss Emma now weighs a whopping 13 lbs, and measures at 24.5 inches long.  She is off the charts on both! Dr. C, who is a stand-in for our doc who was out of the office let me know that I'm feeding Emma too much.  Comfort feeding is what she called it.  The way Emma attacks her prey, I wouldn't call it comfort, but starving.

When the nice nurse came in to give Emma her shots (we call it medicine to Max so he doesn't get traumatized), Emma was full of smiles.  Then the first shot happened and she started to cry.  By the fourth shot she was red in the face, screaming loud, and doing the cry where they don't breath. I wanted to scream cry with her.  Then the nurse puts those gawd awful  band aids that look like pieces of foil or knight armor on her chubby thighs.  I think part of Emma's shrieks were from having to wear those.  Totally clashed with her onesie.

I hate shots.  I hate having my baby girl cry from pain.  I hate having to take the band aids off because she cries like I just gave her a shot myself.  Poor. Child.

 This was Monday.  Obviously not today.  Today there are no smiles, for good reason.  When she's happy though (which is when she's not getting stabbed with 4 needles) her smile is so pretty. I can't wait to hear her LoL.

 Work it girl. She seems my phone and already knows to smile.  Problem?  Maybe one day, but not today.

 Pants that have something on the butt are so stinking cute. Baby pants that is.  If there is something on your butt, most likely it's not cute.  Mel and Jakub gave Emma this outfit that also includes the I Love Daddy onesie as well.  Love.

This kid is so cool.  Why you ask?  Because he is finally, FINALLY, understanding the whole potty concept.  I tried potty training him before we moved.  I was 30+ weeks pregnant and cleaning up pee off the floor wasn't easy, so I took it as a potty training fail.  Then we moved and turned his whole world upside down, I wasn't about to attempt it then.  THEN Emma was born and potty training just wasn't important.  Sure Max was almost three, but there are so many times you can have the conversation, "Max needs to go pee pee in the potty like a big boy." Max would say, "Okay Mommy." and then pee on the floor.  So yeah....judge away, talk about it with friends.  I had no clue how to potty train this kid who had no desire to pee in the freakin potty.  Where are the Potty Training Whisperers when you need them?  Then I'd read on FB about kids younger than Max who were using the potty like pros. (The thing us parents share on FB)  I wanted to fly those parents to me and train my kid.  Surely they knew something I didn't....

Yesterday, the pull-ups came off.  Max ran around like the nudist that he is, AND HE PEED IN THE POTTY!  Of course he peed on the floor when I was bragging to my mom about his skills. Goes to show, don't brag.  The joy in his voice when he said, "Mommy I did it! Mommy I pee in the potty!"  We jumped up and down, we danced and danced, we had chocolate chips (yes, we.), we called my mom, we called Ian, we celebrated like we won the lottery.  Each time he goes potty, which is a lot, we celebrate.  It's so cute.  I'm so proud of him.  

I love the things that parents get so proud of their kids over.  

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  1. Going in the potty is HUGE!! Just goes to show they will do it when they want to. :)