3 Months

Emma Facts
-She puts anything and everything in her mouth.  Hands, fingers, blanket....if it's in grasping reach, watch out!
-She's still a pooping machine.  I seriously don't remember Max being this poopy.  It's all the time.  Gross, go up her back, get on her cute outfit, explosion of diapers.
-She wakes up once in the night to get her feeding on...Mama loves this.  The more sleep we get, the happier we all are in the morning.
-Her Divaness comes out when she is angry.  Her Divaness likes it when Mr. Fussypants is here to play, but luckily that hasn't happened too often.  I think in the future we may have a problem with those two causing trouble.
-She's eating now every 3-4 hours.  I'm trying not to comfort feed, and give her the paci more, but she's still not 100% sure of the whole paci business.
-She is wearing 3 month clothes nicely, and 3-6 month clothing is still a little big on her.
-She rolls from her back to tummy. Now if she could only figure out to do once she's on her tummy she'd be happy.
-She LoLs when something or someone is super funny, but she doesn't throw her laughs around easily.
-She will be going on her first airplane ride soon!  Let's hope she's as awesome of a traveler as Max was at her age.
-She coos and is finding her playful screams.
-She drools all the time, which Max thinks she is spitting.  He's still lecturing her on where she should and shouldn't be spitting.

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