Bossy Boy

Max has been practicing his tracing, and I have to say he's getting pretty good.  We're still working on our coloring.  I also wanted him to try and write his name and he did underneath the tracing of his name.  What? You can't read it?

Max is a hoarder of all things, and especially stickers. 
 God forbid he lose one.  You don't want to ever see that happen.  

"I push Emma in the stroller oh right."
He pushed her until he saw a car coming and then he'd leave 
her and run for the sidewalk. Way to go big brother.

Lovity love.

Emma's Pap-pap and Mum-mum got her this outfit.  I love it!

And it has pockets.  Seriously how could I not pose 
her with her little hands in her little pockets.

She had an explosion of a diaper and it got on her white onesie.  Max told her, "Emma! You not poo poo in your diaper!  You poo poo in potty! Oh right Emma? Oh right."  She also drooled on him and he yelled, "Emma! You don't spit inside, you spit outside! Oh right?! Oh right." He's heard the spitting thing a time or two, because all of a sudden he loves spitting.  We go for a walk outside and he's spitting nonstop.  He is such a boy.  A spitting, leave your sister in the middle of the street, bossy boy.  And I love him. 

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  1. Lost stickers are a national disaster on an epic scale! Never mess with a child and their stickers ;-)

    Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

    1. I have learned my lesson!! :)

  2. oh this post made me smile. big brothers are the best ha ha.
    sounds like you don't need to worry about teaching your little emma the ways of the world, her big bro will be doing that, spitting and all ;)


    1. I can see him now teaching her all things a boy would do...yikes! :)