When Ian started working for the Coyotes the most I knew about hockey was from what I saw on the Mighty Duck movies.  With time and a hockey101 lesson from our priest, I became a die hard fan.  I feel like I can talk hockey with just about anybody.  Seriously.  I love hockey.  Now that Ian is in the soccer world, the most I know about soccer is the name David Beckham.  If you are a soccer fan then you are well aware that the Seattle Sounders just signed Clint Dempsey.  Say that name to me a week ago, and my response would be, "Who?"   On Thursday night #dempseywatch started trending on twitter and it sucked me in for hours.  Some people in twitterland are down right hilarious.  What's so funny (or sad, depends on how you look at it...) is that I knew the secret, yet I was so sucked into the tweets you never would have known.  I still know close to nothing about the rules of soccer, but I can say that I'm liking it.  I'm so caught up in the excitement over Clint Dempsey, and I can't wait to take Max to watch his Sounders debut. 

#dempseywatch from home!!  Scarves up!

What?! Dempsey is playing with the Sounders?!

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