High Five Me

Emma was quite comfortable in my arms.

This kid loves riding his scooter.  I've learned my lesson and we only ride it on the sidewalk by our place.  I'm not getting stuck caring his scooter and helmet and Emma.

Oh these two...I just love them.

Yesterday was the last day of Training Camp for the Seahawks.  Ian's work had a shindig for staff, family, and friends.  I had to park the car in a certain parking lot and then a shuttle took us over.  Max was in shuttle heaven.  When we got there we watched the guys run some drills or do whatever football players do at training camp.  Then we made our way to the kid area where they had face painting, balloons, bubbles, bouncy house, and some bouncy football thing you run across to make a touchdown.  Max got into the bouncy jump house and would not jump.  After awhile he finally did a little jump and then the rest is jumping history.  He is a bouncy jumping house pro.  He wanted nothing to do with the face painting or balloons.  It took two trips to the blowup football thing for him to actually walk (not run) across.  I don't think he'll be a football player when he grows up....

They also had an awesome picnic for everyone.  I was super happy when I asked if they had veggie burgers and the nice man said YES.  While Ian went to get his food, Max was sitting across from me.  The chairs were foldable chairs, but on the nicer side.  Poor kid fell and his chair tried to eat him.  He did not want to sit in his chair after that.  I couldn't blame him.  Emma was awesome and there was no crying.  I was asked if she was 6 months.  I kindly smiled and said 2 1/2, to which the nice lady said, "Ohh! Isn't that a cute bow in her hair." Nice way to change the subject lady.  

After we ate the players were walking off the field.  I'm not a Seahawks fan (Steelers for life!), but I will say it's always cool seeing professional athletes up close.  

The kiddos were able to play on the field and they brought out soccer balls, so Max turned into Clint Dempsey and was running all over the place.   He wasn't happy when we had to leave, but I did what any mother would do.  Bribed him with a cookie.  High five me. 

When we got back on the shuttle he was one happy kid, and kept telling me, "That's fun!"  

Emma doesn't like to share.

When I put Emma down to do something around the house, I'll ask Max to sing to her.  If she starts crying he tells me, "Mommy! Emma mad! My singing not working!"  He make me laugh.

Happy Friday.

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