Hot Mess Times 3

Today has been rough. (This calls for bold, italic, and underline)  Emma has been a hot mess.  Like only wanting to be in my arms, I'm going to scream bloody murder if you put me down,  nothing you do will make me happy, hot mess.  Max does not like this at all, and has been a hot mess of his own.  Like the I don't want you to hold Emma all day, I want you to hold me all day, I'm going to write on myself with markers, throw my toys all over, and boss you around, hot mess.  I'm like a I need help hot mess.

Rewind 6 hours ago and we were having the best day.  We went to the park.  Max was having fun playing with the other kids, I was talking to other mommies, Emma was sleeping in the Ergo, the weather is beautiful (total weather brag to you AZ peeps. You can brag in the winter.) , we were all happy.   Then we came home.  Hot mess, hot mess, hot mess.

Take me back to the park!

Get out of my picture- Emma
You can see the desperation in my eyes...help.

No one is fooled by our smiles, not even Emma.

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  1. Sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully tomorrow is better for you.