Over Confident

Going to the store with two kiddos alone is a brave outing for a mama.  If you're going with more than two, then you should be given a medal of bravery.  I had thought that I had become a pro at my outings with the two kiddos.  You can laugh at me.  I was a tad bit over confident.   Today we went grocery shopping.  All was good.  Emma was napping in the Ergo, Max was walking next to me singing his ABC's....then just as lovely as our shopping was going it all turned to hell.  Max tripped and hit his face on the cart.  Screams of bloody murder followed, which woke up Emma from her nap.  Her shrieks of anger followed.  Trying to pick up Max while wearing Emma is one hard task.  I finally managed to get him in the cart to look at him, and a bruise already was on his sad looking face.  Emma was red in the face pissed, and I had to bounce around to make her divaness happy.  I'm sure the whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes, but it felt like it lasted 5 years.  Max wanted me to drop Emma and hold him, wanted to go home, would not stop crying...all of that at once...I was about to start shrieking.  So I did what I always do...yes you guessed it.  Mother of the year here.  I got him a treat.  It did not make all right in the world, but we managed to quickly finish shopping and get the heck out of there.  Why is it that outings with kiddos are either really awesome and leave you thinking that you have these outings with more than one kid down, or they are down right terrible?  The grocery gods were not on our side today.  Maybe next time...maybe.

"Oh! I yook cool Mommy!"
 (Over confident with his style? Nah, he has swag as his Daddy says.)


I figured I'd throw in a happy one of Emma...from yesterday,
 because today she's not happy.  Not that she was happy yesterday
either, but she's a good pretender. 

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  1. Sounds like you had an eventful trip!

    I just went shopping with my kids this afternoon. My baby was an angel.... my 4 year old, not so much. She threw a (thankfully silent) pouty fit in checkout because I wouldn't buy her something.

    1. Oh the joys of tantrums in checkout lines. Max hasn't done that yet, but I'm sure he'll surprise me one day. :)