September Goals

I decided to link up with Erica for some September Goals...let's see if blogging about it to the whole blogland will keep me motivated for a month.

September Goals (that I better stick to!)

Workout 5 times a week in the AM before the kiddos wake up.  Lord help me with this one.  I start working out and do really well, and then I stop and do that really well too. 

Jog the entire Color Run 5k. Yeah I said jog.   I haven't been running, and if you remember the good eye doc told me I shouldn't.  I don't want to walk the 5K though.  So I'll jog slooooow.  I'm super excited for this!!

Have some me time. This is really hard for me. I always feel guilty being away from Max and Emma, but I need to make this a priority.  I need to take care of myself to keep me sane.  There's a yoga place near by that offers 7 classes for $7 (total) for new students.  Crazy!  I'm excited to try it out!

Cook atleast one new meal a week.  I have my staples that we love and I like cooking every week, but I need to spice up our dinner meals.  Pinterest here I come!

I think those are some pretty good goals for the month of September.  I'll share back with you at the end of the month and blog about me reaching my goals.  Ahh you see that, me being all positive and stuff?

Erica Ashley

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  1. Stopping by from Erica's link up! Good luck with your goals this month! I love the idea of cooking one new meal a week, I am going to keep that idea in mind for future months. I hope you blog about the new recipes you try!


    1. Thanks! I already found my new meals I'm going to try from Pinterest! I'll definately post about the recipes!

  2. Love your goals! I am joining you on the working out 5x a week! I start student teaching on Tuesday and am so scared my workout plan will be on the back burner! Can't wait to see how well this month goes for you!

    1. Oh student teaching! I taught 3rd grade for 7 years. Have fun!