Those Three Words

You're that mom.  Gasp, gulp, sigh...I'm totally that mom.  Y'know the one that posts far too many pictures of their kids on Facebook?  Kids that I happen to think are cute, but I am a tiny bit biased.   In my defense though, I am a SAHM/momarazzi.  My day revolves around two tiny people who do funny, bad, adorable, cute things throughout the day and I like to document every little thing.  Is that so bad?  Facebook has all sorts of that type of person.  You have that person who posts pictures of their animals like they are their kids.  Don't get mad/offended, I'm just not an animal person, but you better believe if it's cute I'll be "liking" that picture.  You have that person who posts shameless selfies all. the. time.  Hey, if I looked as good as you, I'm sure I'd be posting selfies 24/7. 24/7 people. You have that person who shares the quote pictures, and you know those people actually talk in quotes.  I like you people.  It means you watch far too much tv and movies like me.  You have that person who complains.  Sad face.  Just remember someone always has it worse.  Always. Instead of "like" for those types of status there should be a "hug" button.  You have that person who is a bag of brags.  Y'know that person who is so darn amazing that they must have rainbow colored pee.  Too graphic?  Sorry, I was just trying to get my point across.   Point of my post on types of Facebook people (other then to ask yourself which type of Facebook person you are) is to  remind you that I warned you.  I said that when Emma was born it was going to be picture overload. Over. Load.  I think I've lived up to that warning.  I even said to hide me from your timeline feed or unfriend.  So, when you come across the millionth picture of Emma or Max for the day, don't be rolling  your eyes and saying, "Jennifer is that mom." (and proud of it!)  because I warned you.  :) 

Now..to be that mom.

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  1. Rainbow colored pee...bahahahahah! Don't worry your not the only one of THOSE moms...i am too!
    -your newest follower-