4 Months

Emma Facts
-Off the charts in weight (17 lbs) and height (27 in), and is a Baby Shaq.
-She has found her voice, and babbles loudly.
-Still putting everything into her mouth, especially her hands and clothing.
-Loves the song If You're Happy and You Know It, and most of the time when she's crying this will calm her down. (Most of the time, but not always.)
-She's wearing 6 month clothing, and size 3 diapers.
-Still a gross, stinky pooping machine with multiple explosion of diapers.  (Just this weekend she pooped all over her Daddy, and we laughed.  We, meaning me and Emma.)
-Only LoLs at her brother.  Ian and I try to make her laugh, and we get pitty laughs, not the real thing.

She had her 4m checkup today and she was poked 4 times and had an oral vaccine.  Her fav was the oral because she thought she was eating.  She obviously loves her food.  She cried and cried, and no matter how many times I've seen my kiddos get vaccinated I always feel terrible for them.  Max got the nose bubbles flu vaccination.  Thank god he was able to do the mist, because I think he would have flipped if he had to get a shot.

The nice Dr. W recommended that Emma not have solids until she's 6 months.  I asked about rice cereal, because I remember giving Max that at 4 months.  She said not until 6 months, and even then they recommend oatmeal, because there have been studies that show rice cereal has traces of arsenic in it.   So I guess we'll wait...boo I was super excited about giving Emma baby foodl because she smacks her lips when she sees us eating food.

These past 4 months have been amazing with this little girl, and continuing to watch Max grow into his big brother role.  Now, I have to get to her divaness, because after 4 shots, she's not the most gracious at the moment.

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It's Fall and I can feel it in the air!  There's a crispness and a chill that makes me feel the need to drink a chocolate chai tea latte from Starbucks.  Have you tried one?  So good.   The past few morning it has been a bit chilly when we wake up.  I'm actually wearing socks around the house, which I never do, AND I pulled out a blanket to keep on the couch.  I even used it to keep me warm yesterday, and I'm loving it!  I love that it's cloudy out in the mornings, and a bit rainy.  I love that I wear a jacket when I go out and about.  I love that I'm actually feeling cold.  Maybe on day 100 of this type of weather I'll be tired of it (as everyone loves to tell me.  They use the word miserable though...), but just maybe I'll still be loving it. 

Emma was wearing dots for the 3rd day in a row.  She was full of naps yesterday..

and today she's had zero.  It's already noon, and she's been wide awake, happy,
drooling like a slobber monster.  It's also a stripes kind of day for her, but tomorrow
we'll go back to dots.

This kid loves his Ninja Turtles pjs he got from his greatuncle Paul and greataunt Mercy.

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Dots, dots, and more dots! Emma's wardrobe is about 99% dotty.  
Max even said to me,"Emma's wearing dots again?!"  

Sunday night football was the Steelers vs the Bears.  We hoped our boys would come out on top, but that game was painful to watch.  Before the game Emma was baby trashtalking to her friend Link, whose Mommy is a Bears fan.  

After the game, Emma just didn't want to talk about what she witnessed on tv.

Yesterday was the first day of storytime for the fall season.  We loved it!  It was honestly the best storytime at a library that we've ever been to.  If it sounds like I liked it more than Max, it's quite possible. From the minute it started Max was engaged and participated in every part.  It was soooo cute.  At the end she pulled out a bubble machine, and the kids went crazy!  Then she gave them a stamp on their hands.  Talk about kid heaven.  We can't wait to go back next Monday.

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Today was Max's first day of his preschool class!  We've been talking about this day for the past couple weeks to get him ready.  This morning he woke up ready to go!  He had a minor breakdown when I didn't let him wear shorts, but we talked about the sun hiding behind the clouds.  I made a deal that if the sun comes out from behind the clouds he could wear shorts, and that seem to satisfy his cranky little self.   We also got his backpack ready with a snack and water, and he wanted to pack all his toys.  Luckily he listened when I told him that there would be toys for him to play with at school. 

Before we left he had a photo sesh for me and Daddy.  We took Daddy to work and off we went to school.  We got there early, and I'm putting Emma in the Ergo and drop her paci.  It rolls underneath the car next to me, and it's out of reach.  THEN I can't find my phone.  I need to find it because I have to take pictures of Max.  I almost had a mini breakdown, but Max found my phone and all was well.   We headed into the school, and I look down at Max....my baby boy looked so grown up with his backpack on, and his face full of excitement to meet his new friends. 

When we walked into his class we hung up his backpack, and he ran to the table to play.  No hug goodbye, no kiss, nothing but the brightest smile.  He was so happy.  My mommyheart almost couldn't take it.  I, of course, watched through the windows outside of his class to see how he was...I think it was more for me.  I wanted to make sure he was okay, and he was more than okay, he was great. 

When I picked him up he was talking a mile a minute.  He told me all about his day.  They read Where the Wild Things Are, practiced cutting on the line, drew, played with legos, took a potty break, had snack, he talked to the teacher, he talked to his friends, and he had fun!

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It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile.  I sang that while I typed it.  You know, the Staind song?  Yeah so in the past 9 days this family of 4 had our first trip that involved airplanes.  I was super nervous about Emma flying, because she's a diva, and her crying (screaming) is LOUD.  Little did I know it wasn't her screaming that was going to cause some problems on the plane....


Airplane to Chicago
There was a delay because first there was some mechanical problem, and then there was lighting so we were grounded until we got the okay.  Total we were on the plane for about an hour before we took off.

Max-This kid is just a great little traveler.  He entertained himself, he sang songs, took a little nap, he looked out the window.  He was antsy maybe the last 10 minutes of the 3 hour 24 minute flight.

Emma- Well...her first flight went really well.  She only screamed bloody murder for about 5 minutes total, if that.  I changed her diaper once, which took awhile because they only have ONE changing table in the 3 bathrooms they had in the back of the plane.  Just so happened someone was in the one I needed for a solid 15 minutes.  Emma was not impressed and this was where she turned into a diva.  I was scared to go in there. 

Death Stares: Only one!  A not so nice looking older man, who must have had a heart of coal, turned around and gave the death stare to our family of 4. 

Chicago: Ian was in our friend's wedding, so Thursday and Friday he had wedding festivities, and the kiddos and I explored Lake Forest.

Friday: We had a donut breakfast date.  Max enjoyed it so much he had sprinkles all over his face.  Emma missed out because she was sleeping.  Next time.

Then we went to Yu Kids Island so Max could play.  This one was located in the mall, and it was so cute.  It's a super colorful place, and Max was saying, "Ohhhh this looks fun mommy!" from the moment we walked in to kid heaven.  We stayed almost two hours.  He played and played, jumped and jumped, and of course played basketball.  He wasn't upset to leave because they gave him

a balloon. 
Back at the hotel Max had brought a small backpack full of his toys that he packed himself.  It's not a large backpack, and I was surprised to see just how many toys he managed to fit into his bag.
Cell phone- to call Kinlee and tell her all about his travels.
Cars- 10 (they all aren't visible in my blurry picture.)
Ninja Turtles- 3
Woody doll- 1
Fighting men- 2
Whale- 1
Ball- 1
And we may have left with a new Spiderman toy and a book....
Saturday we went sight seeing and went to Navy Pier.  My cousin, Adrianna, met up with us and it was a lovely time.  We ate at the Billy Goat Tavern, and had their Cheezborger.  I couldn't even say it.
This was the view from the very top of the ferris wheel.  It's so beautiful!
We also took a boat tour while we were there.  It was an architecture tour, and it was really cool.  The guy doing all the talking was kind of funny.  The last 15 minutes was a speedboat ride, music blared, and it turned into Magic Mike on a Boat, but with clothes on...thankfully.  This guy just started busting out dance moves.  I could not stop laughing.  
That night we had Lou Malnati's for dinner.....
amazingly delicious.
 Seriously, now am I supposed to eat any other type of pizza now?
Airplane to Seattle
Max-and the best traveler award goes to..... he slept more than half of the flight.  Went to the potty twice where he happily announced to the plane that he went pee pee in the potty.  Again he got antsy right before we landed, but when he could look out the window he was a happy boy.

Emma- No diva moments this trip.  She was awesome.  I had to change her diaper twice.  First time, mid change she decided to pee and it went everywhere.  Everywhere.  Her whole outfit was soaked. She was cooing and laughing at me. I had to change her outfit back at our seat.  Then she had an explosion of a diaper, and it got on Ian.  She was on a roll! When we went back for the second changing I had to give her a talk and let her know peeing mid change was not okay.   She listened.

Death Stares: ZERO!
We got home Sunday.  Monday-Wednesday I was sick, sick, sick. Somewhere in there we took Emma to the Dr., because she had been screaming like she was in pain.  The good Dr. told me Emma was fine, but she was worried about me.  Then she tells me that my mom needs to come and take care of me and help with the kids.  I started crying. 1)because I just didn't feel good, and 2) I miss my Mom.  So the Dr. starts asking me, "Oh dear, what's the matter?  Do you need to talk?"  Umm...no.  You just reminded me that my family lives super far away, I'm sick, I was super worried about Emma...I'm good.
Two blinks and now it's Friday.  Not that I'm complaining, because I love Fridays.  I leave you with this to think of...when we took Emma to the Dr. she weighed in at 16 lbs.  She's 3 months. 

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Mini Teenager

We put Max's saucer together for Emma, because this girl hates to be laying down.  She wants to be sitting up, not missing a thing.  She loves it!
Max apparently loves it too.  He's having a hard time letting go his old toys...
I look at this kid and I swear he's a mini teenager. 


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