It's Fall and I can feel it in the air!  There's a crispness and a chill that makes me feel the need to drink a chocolate chai tea latte from Starbucks.  Have you tried one?  So good.   The past few morning it has been a bit chilly when we wake up.  I'm actually wearing socks around the house, which I never do, AND I pulled out a blanket to keep on the couch.  I even used it to keep me warm yesterday, and I'm loving it!  I love that it's cloudy out in the mornings, and a bit rainy.  I love that I wear a jacket when I go out and about.  I love that I'm actually feeling cold.  Maybe on day 100 of this type of weather I'll be tired of it (as everyone loves to tell me.  They use the word miserable though...), but just maybe I'll still be loving it. 

Emma was wearing dots for the 3rd day in a row.  She was full of naps yesterday..

and today she's had zero.  It's already noon, and she's been wide awake, happy,
drooling like a slobber monster.  It's also a stripes kind of day for her, but tomorrow
we'll go back to dots.

This kid loves his Ninja Turtles pjs he got from his greatuncle Paul and greataunt Mercy.

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