Today was Max's first day of his preschool class!  We've been talking about this day for the past couple weeks to get him ready.  This morning he woke up ready to go!  He had a minor breakdown when I didn't let him wear shorts, but we talked about the sun hiding behind the clouds.  I made a deal that if the sun comes out from behind the clouds he could wear shorts, and that seem to satisfy his cranky little self.   We also got his backpack ready with a snack and water, and he wanted to pack all his toys.  Luckily he listened when I told him that there would be toys for him to play with at school. 

Before we left he had a photo sesh for me and Daddy.  We took Daddy to work and off we went to school.  We got there early, and I'm putting Emma in the Ergo and drop her paci.  It rolls underneath the car next to me, and it's out of reach.  THEN I can't find my phone.  I need to find it because I have to take pictures of Max.  I almost had a mini breakdown, but Max found my phone and all was well.   We headed into the school, and I look down at Max....my baby boy looked so grown up with his backpack on, and his face full of excitement to meet his new friends. 

When we walked into his class we hung up his backpack, and he ran to the table to play.  No hug goodbye, no kiss, nothing but the brightest smile.  He was so happy.  My mommyheart almost couldn't take it.  I, of course, watched through the windows outside of his class to see how he was...I think it was more for me.  I wanted to make sure he was okay, and he was more than okay, he was great. 

When I picked him up he was talking a mile a minute.  He told me all about his day.  They read Where the Wild Things Are, practiced cutting on the line, drew, played with legos, took a potty break, had snack, he talked to the teacher, he talked to his friends, and he had fun!

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