5 Months

Today is not only Halloween (the best day ever for eating sugar if you ask Max), but Emma is 5 months!!  Sounds like I remembered, but sadly I forgot!  My Mom reminded me about two hours ago that Emma is 5 months today.  Fail.  My excuse for forgetting.  It's Thursday.  I'm starting to hate Thursday.  Max has soccer and school AND it's Halloween, which means Max wants to eat candy all day, but not dress up.  I'm not letting him, which is adding to his cranky hot mess self.  Fun.

On to the 5 month old!

Sweet Emma:
-You like to sit by yourself like a big girl.  You fall over gracefully, and Max laughs at you like you told him some sort of joke.
-Sweet potatoes make you shake with excitement.  You love sweet potatoes, but I have a feeling you are going to love all sorts of food.
-You still only laugh for Max, and I'm starting to get hurt feelings here.   He makes you LoL so hard, and really he's not that funny. 
-You get googly eyes for your Daddy when he tells you sweet nothings, and your smile is so cheesy.
-You love to pull my hair and think it's some sort of fun game.  It's not.
- You love to arch your back and try to get out of your car seat, because you hate your car seat with a passion.
-Your hands are always in your mouth and you drool so bad.  I should put bibs on you, but I don't really care for bibs, so your clothes are forever soaked.
-You have just about outgrown your baby bath, and by just about I mean you have.  You splash and not only get water all in your face, but drench me in the process.  Again, you think it's some sort of fun game.  It's not. 
-Your hair is down right wild.
-You make me, Daddy and Max so happy and we love you so much!! 

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I should have known today was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when Max woke up crying.   When that happens, it means Mr. Fussypants is going to make an appearance...oh and he did.

Today was Not So Spooky story time where the kiddos could dress up.  I was so looking forward to this, because I'm a crazy parent like that.  Max is going to be Spider Man, and so he put on his costume, but didn't want to wear the mask.  The water works are happening at the drop of a hat today, so when he said no mask, I didn't try and bribe him.  We got to story time early so he could pick some new books, and make puzzles.  Well those poor puzzles have missing pieces, which made Max fall to pieces because when he put it together it wasn't whole.  Cry, cry, cry.  

Then it was time for story time.  He usually sits on the floor.   Not today.  He usually sings and participates.  Not today.  Today he whined, cried, and acted so not like Spider Man.  Then Emma, who was dressed in a cute pumpkin outfit, must have been going off the vibes from Spider Man started to cry/scream....so not pumpkin like.   The sympathetic looks from the other moms were the worst.  So I calmly walked out with my not so calm super hero and pumpkin.  We got to the entrance and all hell broke loose because Max didn't get a hand stamp, but he was crying so hard I kept thinking he was saying something about jumping.  It wasn't until we were at the car that I finally figured out what he was saying, and by then he was having a total breakdown.  Holy hell. We didn't go back.  I know, I'm mean.

I told him he needed to stop crying, and he told me in his sad voice, "I not stop crying." and with that started a fresh round of sad tears.  I told him I'd draw a picture on his hand, and that brought him out of his meltdown.   He sloooooooowly stopped crying, and then made a joke.

So really it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad story time.  Let's hope next Monday is better, because I like story time.

Before the breakdown.  So sweet and innocent looking....

This girl turns 5 months on Thursday, and she can sit by herself!

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Let's Read About Me

I recently was given the chance to make a book for Max by Let's Read About Me.  My book loving heart was so excited, that I jumped at the chance.  When I went to their website not only the mom in me loved what I saw, but the teacher in me.  I kept thinking how a teacher could do this with the parents of their students, and each student would get their own book.  Seriously love. 

There are over ten titles that you can choose from.  I wanted to do them all (and I totally am going to), but I settled on Max's Favorite Things for his first book.  I picked out the pictures I wanted in the book, filled in the blanks, and then submitted it to be made.  That's it!  Max was given the 'Memory' book, which is an 8x10 hard back bound book and the pictures are printed on high quality paper.  The pictures I picked, most that were Instagrammed, came out so good!  He also received the "Just My Size" book, which is 4x5 soft cover book that is tear/water resistant.  It fits perfectly in Max's little hands, and he's been carrying it around with him everywhere. 

When Max first saw his books with his picture on it, he kept saying, "That's me Mommy! That's me!"  When we read it for the first time, he got so excited to see the pictures, his pictures.  We've had the book for less than a week, and Max takes charge when reading it.  He points at the pictures and tells us what's he doing.  The sentences are short and predictable, and my 3 year old picked up on it, and it makes reading his book so fun for him. 

I cannot wait to add books to Max's library and Emma's that are all about them, because really who doesn't want to read a book about themselves?

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Foggy Fall

Yesterday was Max's soccer practice.  We go about 15 minutes early so he can play on the playground.  It was soooo foggy yesterday, but that didn't keep him from playing.  After I took this picture a person walked from behind the building and walked out of the fog...kind of creepy. 
Happy Friday! 

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When we moved to WA everyone loved and still loves to tell me how depressed I'm going to be come Winter.  You know what's depressing?  Everyone telling me I'm going to be depressed.  I love the clouds and fog, and call me crazy but I love the rain.  This morning must have made a lot of people depressed, but not us gloomy loving, crazy kids.  It was the perfect morning for some hot chocolate.  Max was so excited because he was going to drink the yummy goodness from a Lego mug.  Legos are all the rage in his life right now.  That paired with hot chocolate with colored marshmallows.  This 3 year old was #winning.  Eat your heart out Charlie Sheen. 

Before Max could drink his hot chocolate he had me put in the freezer for a couple minutes, because he doesn't like his chocolate too hot, but a toasty warm.  He took one sip and scolded me for it not being hot.  I can't win with him.  I'm #losing.   Once he finished he had a chocolate mustache and beard.  He's a crazy drinker.

We walked to go pick up packages from the front office, and Max was gifted with some cool things.  One was from his BFF for his bday.  A soccer bag and water bottle that sport his name, and a soccer shirt. "It say my name mommy!"  He's so going to be ready for soccer tomorrow. 

The other package was from Let's Read About Me, which I will be writing about in a post in the next couple days.  LOVE.  My book loving heart almost exploded.  Here's a sneak peak at Max's books.

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Mama's Visit

My mama came to visit, and it went by far too fast.  It was so nice having her here.  We had a lot of fun, and I had someone here that appreciates General Hospital.  Important stuff.

Thursday: Max had soccer practice.  There weren't as many kiddos there, but they still had tons of fun practicing their soccer skills.

Friday: We went to Benihana for dinner.  My mom had never been there, so I was excited to take her there.  Max had a blast.  Emma was a wiggly little girl who wanted to be held.  My brave moment of the night was trying mushrooms, and I actually liked them.  I'm a dare devil.

Saturday:   Ian and I were able to go on a date to none other than the Kanye West concert.  Yes you read that right, I went to see Kanye.  We had seen him back in the day before we got married, and his show then was really good.  His show now....well that's another story.  The concert was suppose to start at 8:00.  We got there around 7:30 and the lines were So. Long.  The doors hadn't opened yet.  Come to find out Mr. West and Mr. Lamar (Kendrick Lamar...yeah I had no clue who he was either.) were still doing sound check.  The doors did not open until 9:00, and then the concert didn't even start until 10:00.  I wasn't impressed.  I also may have had beverages for those over 21 and at the point I was getting sleepy.  I'm old.

I did have fun people watching.  People of all walks of life were there.  It was pure awesomeness. Then when the show started everyone started throwing their hands up rapping word for word, and I did not.   I told Ian I should have been better prepared for the show, because I didn't know any of the songs.  Kendrick Lamar was really good.  Kanye was weird.  Just weird.

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch, and I was so excited.  We did the corn maze, and some how made it to the exit with only finding two of the numbered posts.  Guess we were just that good.  

Follow me!!

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Today my mama went back home, and Max keeps asking for her.  Makes me sadder than I already am.  :(  We had such a nice visit with her here. 

I'll just kick back and relax.

Frogs and striped leggings, because that's how we roll. 

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Fall Link-Up

Linking up with the lovely Eliza, and chatting all about Fall.   When we lived in AZ it never really felt like Fall, but here in WA it's a different story.  Seeing all the trees change colors and feeling the crispness in the air...that's Fall.  
With Fall comes the holidays.  I love, LOVE this time of year!  I always turn to my handy dandy website of ideas that aren't mine, Pinterest.  I found some cute activities to do with Max.  I had planned to do these activities with him on Friday, but we had no glue.  Then I was going to do them yesterday, but Emma was a hot mess and I did nothing but hold a crying, not crying, crying girl.  Max hung out with his friend, Netflix.  Good friend that Netflix is let me tell you.   Today is a new day though, so I was optimistic that we'd get our activities done.  Emma didn't get the memo that it was a new day, and she was acting like it was Monday. Again.   While she napped for 30 minutes, which is 1 1/2 too short, we managed to get some Fall activities in!
Don't mind the underwearing boy.  No matter how cold it is, he always strips when we get home.  I asked him to get dressed before the activities, and he responded loudly with, "I not get dressed Mommy.  I not need clothes!"  I caved quickly and let him stay in his underwear only, because I didn't want him to wake the girl, who hasn't been napping well at all. 
The first craft we did was a tree with fall colored leaves.  The leaves are circles, which I made way too big, but that's okay.  If you ask Max what his picture is he'll say it's a pumpkin patch.  I assure you, it's not.
 The second craft we did was make a cottonball ghost. 


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Weekend Update

I wanted to share our weekend update yesterday, but there was no way Emma was going to let me blog.  So today it is....

Saturday we made out way to Portland.  The Sounders were playing the Timbers on Sunday, and we were able to get tickets for the heated rivalry match.   We stayed at the team hotel, and it was a lovely one.  It was to Her Divaness' liking.   She claimed the first bed she saw and demanded that I set her down to relax, which lasted about 5 seconds.   
She's ruler of all the land.
This kid took all the pillows and put them on one bed so
he could jump into the hill of fluff. 
Saturday night we went to a hip brewery within walking distance from our hotel.  It was jam packed with a long wait.  It was so worth the wait.  The food was sooooo good.  I had a quinoa and cashew burger.  Delicious.  We also tried a beer sampler.  Out of the 6 beers I thoroughly enjoyed 3 of them.  One of them tasted like coffee.  It was amazing. 
After we left the brewery we went to Powell's Bookstore, which made my book loving heart happy.  I could have stayed in the children's section for hours.  Hours.   Even Max was amazed at all the books. 

Sunday we got up early and ventured out to Voodoo Doughnuts, and holy moly.  I got a box of pure sugary goodness.  We enjoyed a doughnut in the parking lot of the OMSI.  We only gave Max half of the sprinkles and he was beyond wired.  Luckily he burned off some of his energy in the museum.
The OMSI was awesome and the room they had for kiddos 6 and under was a hands on germ fest heaven.  Max loved it.  Then we went to a laser show in the planetarium.  Emma and Ian are the only ones who enjoyed the show.  It made me nauseous and Max didn't like it, but you wouldn't have guessed that by his reaction when it was over..

Our own version of Gravity.

That night we hopped on the lightrail to take us to the match.  The Sounders had multiple times where the ball hit the crossbar, but they just couldn't score.  One of the players got a red card and had to be taken off the field because he was so mad.  We left early to beat the crowds.  While we were on the lightrail three people got on dressed like zombies and talked about how they would kill someone.  It was scary, and when we got off at our stop I made sure they did not get off after us.  Then we walk into our hotel only to come face to face with yet another zombie.  This guy's makeup was pretty good.  I guess the season premiere of Walking Dead was Sunday and there was some zombie thing going on...not my cup of scary tea.  I like happy shows.

Today...oh today Max had class and who should show up and be in the new 4 week session?  Little H!  Max hid behind me and tried to get away from him.  I spoke to the teacher to make sure Little H wasn't pinning Max against any walls, and she said Max steered clear of him.  So hopefully Max will enjoy his class and Little H won't be hugging him against his will......

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Hot Chocolate Model

"I can see my breff!"

Hot chocolate Starbucks model.
Me: Max do you want hot chocolate?
Max: Ohh that sounds yummy!
I place the order and we're at the window getting our drinks.
Max: Tea for mommy, coffee for daddy, and apple juice for Max!
Me: You wanted hot chocolate.
Max: No I not want. I want apple juice.
Then Max gives my seat a loving kick to prove his not wanting hot chocolate.

Eskimo Kisses.

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Storytime Monday

The library is quickly becoming a favorite for both Max and Emma.  We went to storytime today, and had a blast!  We got there a few minutes early, and set up on the carpet.  Emma was attempting to sit like a big girl and the lady next to me asked how old Emma is.  The dreaded question these days, because when I tell them how old she is, they always gasp in shock.  It makes me feel like I have to apologize for Emma being a Baby Shaq.

Lady: Aww how old is your daughter?
Me: ....4 months....
Lady: (gasp) 4 MONTHS?!
Me: Yes, I know she's a big baby.  How old is your daughter?
Lady: 7 months.
End of our awkward conversation. Emma was the size of her daughter, no joke.  The lady also freaked when Emma was sitting up like a big girl.  Sorry lady, Emma's determined to hit her milestones, and not act the age she is.  She already doesn't care to nap like her brother.  Fun.

After all that excitement both kiddos loved, loved storytime.  Max went and sat by the other kiddos, but checked to make sure I was still sitting on the carpet and hadn't left the room.  He made friends with a kid wearing Spiderman rainboots, shirt, and raincoat.   I think he liked Spiderman.

Now it's 2:49 in the PM and Emma is FINALLY down for a nap.  She's been up since 7:00 in the AM.  I think she may be drinking coffee behind my back, and she needs to act like her 4 month old self. 

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Max had his first soccer practice on Thursday.  We were all looking forward to this, especially Max who kept saying, "I'm going to play soccer with my friends?"  Oh and he did! Ten 3-5 year olds is complete chaos, and those two coaches are awesome for trying to teach the kiddos the game of soccer.

It started off with the kiddos running laps, but they thought they were chasing their coach.  Then they had to stretch, and to get the kiddos to stand still to listen was so funny to watch.  It was also super cute when they actually did listen.  There were a few kiddos Max's age and size, but most of them were 4 soon to be 5 and bigger kiddos.  That didn't stop Max from practicing his soccer skills, which we were impressed that he could kick the ball using the inside of his feet and control it really well.  They practiced kicking a goal, and I seriously was dying over the cuteness of these kids.   When they divided them into teams and put the colored jerseys on them....dying.  One little boy was so excited because that's what he was waiting for the whole practice.  The kiddos playing  a soccer game was down right dangerous.  They let the ball go and all the kiddos were chasing after it, trampling each other, using their hands, screaming, and having fun.  One little girl was nonstop crying because she fell and one of the boys took the ball away from her.  Max managed not to get trampled or fall, but there are still many practices where I'm sure it's bound to happen.  I can't wait for next Thursday, and the chaos they call soccer.


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Almost Peaches

Recently a friend started her business, Almost Peaches.  She is a crocheting pro, and I found a hat from the wonderful website known as Pinterest.  You may have heard of it.   I shot the picture over to her and asked if she could make it for Miss Emma.  Eryn (the crocheting pro) sent me a message super quick back and said that she was currently working on a hat that was similar to the one I was wanting.  She sent me the picture of it when it was done, and I loved, loved the style of it.  So I ordered one ASAP in purple and grey.  Then Emma let me know that the colors I chose didn't go with her hot pink hoodie, so I emailed Eryn and asked if I could change the colors, and lucky for Emma, I could.

Today in the mail we got Emma's hat!! We were super excited, me more so than Emma.  She wore it out to Max's first soccer practice (post on that coming later), and Emma was getting compliments left and right on her hat.  She was soaking it all up and smiling and cooing.  It's perfect for the cooler weather, and for looking fashionably cute.  Definitely check out Almost Peaches Facebook page and take a look at the other hats, scarves and other goodies that she makes!  Also, give her page a like!

Happy Friday!!
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