5 Months

Today is not only Halloween (the best day ever for eating sugar if you ask Max), but Emma is 5 months!!  Sounds like I remembered, but sadly I forgot!  My Mom reminded me about two hours ago that Emma is 5 months today.  Fail.  My excuse for forgetting.  It's Thursday.  I'm starting to hate Thursday.  Max has soccer and school AND it's Halloween, which means Max wants to eat candy all day, but not dress up.  I'm not letting him, which is adding to his cranky hot mess self.  Fun.

On to the 5 month old!

Sweet Emma:
-You like to sit by yourself like a big girl.  You fall over gracefully, and Max laughs at you like you told him some sort of joke.
-Sweet potatoes make you shake with excitement.  You love sweet potatoes, but I have a feeling you are going to love all sorts of food.
-You still only laugh for Max, and I'm starting to get hurt feelings here.   He makes you LoL so hard, and really he's not that funny. 
-You get googly eyes for your Daddy when he tells you sweet nothings, and your smile is so cheesy.
-You love to pull my hair and think it's some sort of fun game.  It's not.
- You love to arch your back and try to get out of your car seat, because you hate your car seat with a passion.
-Your hands are always in your mouth and you drool so bad.  I should put bibs on you, but I don't really care for bibs, so your clothes are forever soaked.
-You have just about outgrown your baby bath, and by just about I mean you have.  You splash and not only get water all in your face, but drench me in the process.  Again, you think it's some sort of fun game.  It's not. 
-Your hair is down right wild.
-You make me, Daddy and Max so happy and we love you so much!! 

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  1. She is just SOOOOO cute!!! I love that she laughs for her big brother. That's the sweetest thing ever.