Almost Peaches

Recently a friend started her business, Almost Peaches.  She is a crocheting pro, and I found a hat from the wonderful website known as Pinterest.  You may have heard of it.   I shot the picture over to her and asked if she could make it for Miss Emma.  Eryn (the crocheting pro) sent me a message super quick back and said that she was currently working on a hat that was similar to the one I was wanting.  She sent me the picture of it when it was done, and I loved, loved the style of it.  So I ordered one ASAP in purple and grey.  Then Emma let me know that the colors I chose didn't go with her hot pink hoodie, so I emailed Eryn and asked if I could change the colors, and lucky for Emma, I could.

Today in the mail we got Emma's hat!! We were super excited, me more so than Emma.  She wore it out to Max's first soccer practice (post on that coming later), and Emma was getting compliments left and right on her hat.  She was soaking it all up and smiling and cooing.  It's perfect for the cooler weather, and for looking fashionably cute.  Definitely check out Almost Peaches Facebook page and take a look at the other hats, scarves and other goodies that she makes!  Also, give her page a like!

Happy Friday!!
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