Dumping Rain

Yesterday Max had school, and yesterday it was dumping rain.  Emma and I go to pick up Max and he comes out of class holding his work of art that is mostly wet globs of glue. We step outside into the pouring rain, and Max decides he doesn't want to wear his jacket or his backpack, and starts to cry right there on the soaking wet spot.  Emma is in her carseat under a blanket, that is not water proof.  I'm wearing a jacket with a hood that is covering my eyes, and I'm trying to make our way to our car that is not close to where Max decides he wants to stop and throw a fit.  Fun, soaking wet, stuff.  Once we got to the car Max was absolutely fine, and happy.  He even tried to chat me up, but I wasn't happy.

Max: Mommy! (In his lovingly, sweet 3 year old voice.)
Me: What Max? (In my mad, not happy mommy voice.)
Max: Not be mad at me Mommy. (bossy voice.)

So with that I wasn't mad.  We did talk about how he can't behave like that, especially in the rain.  He responded with the standard, "Ooookay Mommy." and I didn't believe him for a second.

I'm not complaining about the rain, because I'm loving the rain here, but I do not know how to take two kiddos out of the car without everyone getting drenched.  Ian mentioned we need an umbrella, but how am I suppose to hold that while getting Max and Emma out of the car when it's just me?  Not gonna happen.  Max doesn't mind the rain.  I don't mind it, but Emma.  Her Divaness doesn't care for the cold water hitting her.  I'm sure I'll get it down, and be super fast one of these days, but so far it's not that day.

Our sweet friend, Stephanie, gave this outfit to Emma.  polka dotted skinny jeans are beyond adorable.  We loved everything about this outfit, and Emma really loved the sweater because it was close proximity to her mouth. 

Hockey season has started, and I am one happy girl!!  Well, I'm actually a little sad too because tomorrow is the home opener for the Yotes and it's the first home opener in 6 years that we aren't there...sad, sad, sad.  

I know, Emma overload, but Max doesn't appreciate the momarazzi that I am.  He won't look at the camera, but tomorrow is his first day of soccer so you better believe I'll be taking pictures like no other. 

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  1. I feel your pain, with the rain! I've lived in the pacific northwest my whole life, and still haven't mastered the art of getting to and from my car without getting wet. I tried to have my dog on a leash, groceries in the same hand, and carry baby in my arms yesterday. It was a shit show haha. --Elise

    1. Haha! Sight to see I'm sure! I'm hoping I turn into pro, or buy some sort of caraway cover that keeps my diva happy and dry.

  2. Wonderful art work!

    I'm not saying it is easy, but it does get better, especially once baby is out of the bucket seat and rests on your hip. Also get a golf umbrella, it is much wider. I open my umbrella, get my baby out first, settle her in my arm and hip, then get my older daughter out and we huddle together under the umbrella. Still a pain, but we don't get soaked.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation!! Her Divaness is also happy about your comment! :)