Fall Link-Up

Linking up with the lovely Eliza, and chatting all about Fall.   When we lived in AZ it never really felt like Fall, but here in WA it's a different story.  Seeing all the trees change colors and feeling the crispness in the air...that's Fall.  
With Fall comes the holidays.  I love, LOVE this time of year!  I always turn to my handy dandy website of ideas that aren't mine, Pinterest.  I found some cute activities to do with Max.  I had planned to do these activities with him on Friday, but we had no glue.  Then I was going to do them yesterday, but Emma was a hot mess and I did nothing but hold a crying, not crying, crying girl.  Max hung out with his friend, Netflix.  Good friend that Netflix is let me tell you.   Today is a new day though, so I was optimistic that we'd get our activities done.  Emma didn't get the memo that it was a new day, and she was acting like it was Monday. Again.   While she napped for 30 minutes, which is 1 1/2 too short, we managed to get some Fall activities in!
Don't mind the underwearing boy.  No matter how cold it is, he always strips when we get home.  I asked him to get dressed before the activities, and he responded loudly with, "I not get dressed Mommy.  I not need clothes!"  I caved quickly and let him stay in his underwear only, because I didn't want him to wake the girl, who hasn't been napping well at all. 
The first craft we did was a tree with fall colored leaves.  The leaves are circles, which I made way too big, but that's okay.  If you ask Max what his picture is he'll say it's a pumpkin patch.  I assure you, it's not.
 The second craft we did was make a cottonball ghost. 


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  1. HOW CUTE! Thank you for linking up! And Max, I totally feel you... I strip when I get home too. Oh wait.... haha!

  2. So happy you linked up with us! We all strip when we get home, that is like a dress code. Or undress code rather ;)