When we moved to WA everyone loved and still loves to tell me how depressed I'm going to be come Winter.  You know what's depressing?  Everyone telling me I'm going to be depressed.  I love the clouds and fog, and call me crazy but I love the rain.  This morning must have made a lot of people depressed, but not us gloomy loving, crazy kids.  It was the perfect morning for some hot chocolate.  Max was so excited because he was going to drink the yummy goodness from a Lego mug.  Legos are all the rage in his life right now.  That paired with hot chocolate with colored marshmallows.  This 3 year old was #winning.  Eat your heart out Charlie Sheen. 

Before Max could drink his hot chocolate he had me put in the freezer for a couple minutes, because he doesn't like his chocolate too hot, but a toasty warm.  He took one sip and scolded me for it not being hot.  I can't win with him.  I'm #losing.   Once he finished he had a chocolate mustache and beard.  He's a crazy drinker.

We walked to go pick up packages from the front office, and Max was gifted with some cool things.  One was from his BFF for his bday.  A soccer bag and water bottle that sport his name, and a soccer shirt. "It say my name mommy!"  He's so going to be ready for soccer tomorrow. 

The other package was from Let's Read About Me, which I will be writing about in a post in the next couple days.  LOVE.  My book loving heart almost exploded.  Here's a sneak peak at Max's books.

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