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I recently was given the chance to make a book for Max by Let's Read About Me.  My book loving heart was so excited, that I jumped at the chance.  When I went to their website not only the mom in me loved what I saw, but the teacher in me.  I kept thinking how a teacher could do this with the parents of their students, and each student would get their own book.  Seriously love. 

There are over ten titles that you can choose from.  I wanted to do them all (and I totally am going to), but I settled on Max's Favorite Things for his first book.  I picked out the pictures I wanted in the book, filled in the blanks, and then submitted it to be made.  That's it!  Max was given the 'Memory' book, which is an 8x10 hard back bound book and the pictures are printed on high quality paper.  The pictures I picked, most that were Instagrammed, came out so good!  He also received the "Just My Size" book, which is 4x5 soft cover book that is tear/water resistant.  It fits perfectly in Max's little hands, and he's been carrying it around with him everywhere. 

When Max first saw his books with his picture on it, he kept saying, "That's me Mommy! That's me!"  When we read it for the first time, he got so excited to see the pictures, his pictures.  We've had the book for less than a week, and Max takes charge when reading it.  He points at the pictures and tells us what's he doing.  The sentences are short and predictable, and my 3 year old picked up on it, and it makes reading his book so fun for him. 

I cannot wait to add books to Max's library and Emma's that are all about them, because really who doesn't want to read a book about themselves?

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