I should have known today was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when Max woke up crying.   When that happens, it means Mr. Fussypants is going to make an appearance...oh and he did.

Today was Not So Spooky story time where the kiddos could dress up.  I was so looking forward to this, because I'm a crazy parent like that.  Max is going to be Spider Man, and so he put on his costume, but didn't want to wear the mask.  The water works are happening at the drop of a hat today, so when he said no mask, I didn't try and bribe him.  We got to story time early so he could pick some new books, and make puzzles.  Well those poor puzzles have missing pieces, which made Max fall to pieces because when he put it together it wasn't whole.  Cry, cry, cry.  

Then it was time for story time.  He usually sits on the floor.   Not today.  He usually sings and participates.  Not today.  Today he whined, cried, and acted so not like Spider Man.  Then Emma, who was dressed in a cute pumpkin outfit, must have been going off the vibes from Spider Man started to cry/scream....so not pumpkin like.   The sympathetic looks from the other moms were the worst.  So I calmly walked out with my not so calm super hero and pumpkin.  We got to the entrance and all hell broke loose because Max didn't get a hand stamp, but he was crying so hard I kept thinking he was saying something about jumping.  It wasn't until we were at the car that I finally figured out what he was saying, and by then he was having a total breakdown.  Holy hell. We didn't go back.  I know, I'm mean.

I told him he needed to stop crying, and he told me in his sad voice, "I not stop crying." and with that started a fresh round of sad tears.  I told him I'd draw a picture on his hand, and that brought him out of his meltdown.   He sloooooooowly stopped crying, and then made a joke.

So really it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad story time.  Let's hope next Monday is better, because I like story time.

Before the breakdown.  So sweet and innocent looking....

This girl turns 5 months on Thursday, and she can sit by herself!

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