September Goals Recap

I linked up with Erica for some September Goals in hopes that it would keep me accountable for the goals I set for myself.  Hoping, shmoping.  I don't think I've ever kept a new years resolution, during lent I'm the one that gives up fast food only to eat a cheeseburger on a Friday (double whammy), so I was being super optimistic about this blogging about goals business. 

September Goals (that I better stick to!)  I was so positive on day one. 

Workout 5 times a week in the AM before the kiddos wake up.  Lord help me with this one.  I start working out and do really well, and then I stop and do that really well too.  So yeah....working out in the AM before the kiddos woke up did not happen ONCE.  I did however workout in the PM when Ian got off of work, and it was more 3x a week.  Super bonus, and I didn't even make it a goal, was that I did get rid of 6 lbs this month. Woot woot!!  

Jog the entire Color Run 5k. Yeah I said jog.   I haven't been running, and if you remember the good eye doc told me I shouldn't.  I don't want to walk the 5K though.  So I'll jog slooooow.  I'm super excited for this!! Pshhh...yeah that was crazy thinking, because I did not prepare myself for flipping hills.  Lord, I thought I was going to fall in defeat after the first hill which was right at the beginning of the run.  Who decided the course, because those hills were miserable.  I was so sore afterwards, and not the oh I feel good sore.  It was the oh my legs hurt so bad I'm not going to move at all sore.    AND I didn't even get super colored like I've seen in pictures.  I finished colorless. 

Have some me time. This is really hard for me. I always feel guilty being away from Max and Emma, but I need to make this a priority.  I need to take care of myself to keep me sane.  There's a yoga place near by that offers 7 classes for $7 (total) for new students.  Crazy!  I'm excited to try it out!  Well...I did not check out the yoga place...yet.  I did manage to have a couple nights of reading upstairs by myself, and I went grocery shopping by myself which was amazing. 

Cook at least one new meal a week.  I have my staples that we love and I like cooking every week, but I need to spice up our dinner meals.  Pinterest here I come!  I added 3 new meals to our dinners this month!  (pictures for Mexican Pizza and the Chicken will take you to the recipe I followed.  The manicotti recipe is the one from the back of the pasta box.) 

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