Max had his first soccer practice on Thursday.  We were all looking forward to this, especially Max who kept saying, "I'm going to play soccer with my friends?"  Oh and he did! Ten 3-5 year olds is complete chaos, and those two coaches are awesome for trying to teach the kiddos the game of soccer.

It started off with the kiddos running laps, but they thought they were chasing their coach.  Then they had to stretch, and to get the kiddos to stand still to listen was so funny to watch.  It was also super cute when they actually did listen.  There were a few kiddos Max's age and size, but most of them were 4 soon to be 5 and bigger kiddos.  That didn't stop Max from practicing his soccer skills, which we were impressed that he could kick the ball using the inside of his feet and control it really well.  They practiced kicking a goal, and I seriously was dying over the cuteness of these kids.   When they divided them into teams and put the colored jerseys on them....dying.  One little boy was so excited because that's what he was waiting for the whole practice.  The kiddos playing  a soccer game was down right dangerous.  They let the ball go and all the kiddos were chasing after it, trampling each other, using their hands, screaming, and having fun.  One little girl was nonstop crying because she fell and one of the boys took the ball away from her.  Max managed not to get trampled or fall, but there are still many practices where I'm sure it's bound to happen.  I can't wait for next Thursday, and the chaos they call soccer.


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