Storytime Monday

The library is quickly becoming a favorite for both Max and Emma.  We went to storytime today, and had a blast!  We got there a few minutes early, and set up on the carpet.  Emma was attempting to sit like a big girl and the lady next to me asked how old Emma is.  The dreaded question these days, because when I tell them how old she is, they always gasp in shock.  It makes me feel like I have to apologize for Emma being a Baby Shaq.

Lady: Aww how old is your daughter?
Me: ....4 months....
Lady: (gasp) 4 MONTHS?!
Me: Yes, I know she's a big baby.  How old is your daughter?
Lady: 7 months.
End of our awkward conversation. Emma was the size of her daughter, no joke.  The lady also freaked when Emma was sitting up like a big girl.  Sorry lady, Emma's determined to hit her milestones, and not act the age she is.  She already doesn't care to nap like her brother.  Fun.

After all that excitement both kiddos loved, loved storytime.  Max went and sat by the other kiddos, but checked to make sure I was still sitting on the carpet and hadn't left the room.  He made friends with a kid wearing Spiderman rainboots, shirt, and raincoat.   I think he liked Spiderman.

Now it's 2:49 in the PM and Emma is FINALLY down for a nap.  She's been up since 7:00 in the AM.  I think she may be drinking coffee behind my back, and she needs to act like her 4 month old self. 

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  1. My son is a couple weeks younger than your daughter, and is a "shaq-baby" too! He's bigger than my cousin's baby, who is 2 months older than him. I've got him in 9 month pajamas haha! I'm only 5'1" so I look like I'm carrying a one-year-old. I enjoyed following your blog through pregnancy, because you were a couple weeks ahead of me. I got a preview :)