Weekend Update

I wanted to share our weekend update yesterday, but there was no way Emma was going to let me blog.  So today it is....

Saturday we made out way to Portland.  The Sounders were playing the Timbers on Sunday, and we were able to get tickets for the heated rivalry match.   We stayed at the team hotel, and it was a lovely one.  It was to Her Divaness' liking.   She claimed the first bed she saw and demanded that I set her down to relax, which lasted about 5 seconds.   
She's ruler of all the land.
This kid took all the pillows and put them on one bed so
he could jump into the hill of fluff. 
Saturday night we went to a hip brewery within walking distance from our hotel.  It was jam packed with a long wait.  It was so worth the wait.  The food was sooooo good.  I had a quinoa and cashew burger.  Delicious.  We also tried a beer sampler.  Out of the 6 beers I thoroughly enjoyed 3 of them.  One of them tasted like coffee.  It was amazing. 
After we left the brewery we went to Powell's Bookstore, which made my book loving heart happy.  I could have stayed in the children's section for hours.  Hours.   Even Max was amazed at all the books. 

Sunday we got up early and ventured out to Voodoo Doughnuts, and holy moly.  I got a box of pure sugary goodness.  We enjoyed a doughnut in the parking lot of the OMSI.  We only gave Max half of the sprinkles and he was beyond wired.  Luckily he burned off some of his energy in the museum.
The OMSI was awesome and the room they had for kiddos 6 and under was a hands on germ fest heaven.  Max loved it.  Then we went to a laser show in the planetarium.  Emma and Ian are the only ones who enjoyed the show.  It made me nauseous and Max didn't like it, but you wouldn't have guessed that by his reaction when it was over..

Our own version of Gravity.

That night we hopped on the lightrail to take us to the match.  The Sounders had multiple times where the ball hit the crossbar, but they just couldn't score.  One of the players got a red card and had to be taken off the field because he was so mad.  We left early to beat the crowds.  While we were on the lightrail three people got on dressed like zombies and talked about how they would kill someone.  It was scary, and when we got off at our stop I made sure they did not get off after us.  Then we walk into our hotel only to come face to face with yet another zombie.  This guy's makeup was pretty good.  I guess the season premiere of Walking Dead was Sunday and there was some zombie thing going on...not my cup of scary tea.  I like happy shows.

Today...oh today Max had class and who should show up and be in the new 4 week session?  Little H!  Max hid behind me and tried to get away from him.  I spoke to the teacher to make sure Little H wasn't pinning Max against any walls, and she said Max steered clear of him.  So hopefully Max will enjoy his class and Little H won't be hugging him against his will......

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Max is adorable!