Before we went to pick up Ian from work, Max informed me that he did not want to go "treating".  I think he was coming off his sugar high from school, so it was a slow and miserable time.  He just wanted candy, candy, candy.  You can tell he doesn't have it all the time, because when he does...yikes!

I told him what he wanted to hear and said the magic word for him to put on his costume.  Candy. "Oh, okay Mommy. Let's go treating."  That's right Mr.   So my plan for yesterday was to have Max nap once we got home from school.  For an hour he did not nap.  The minute we get into the car to pick up Ian. Asleep.   He got in a good 45 minute nap before we started trick-or-treating, and when he woke up, he was ready for business.  His voice got louder with each house we went to, and he became more lively with all the candy he was seeing.  He also loved walking with other kids and seeing what they were dressed up as.  There was one house that had a talking, scary, witch that scared the crap out of Max.  The lady gave him extra candy to make up for it.

When we got home Max wanted to eat all his candy.  I let him pick one thing to eat and he picked a mini bag of M&Ms.  He's smart. 

This morning we waited for Emma to wake up and as soon as she did he said, "Emma awake? Let's go downstairs and have candy."  I told him Daddy ate it all, and the look on his face.  Pure panic.  I laughed and laughed. 

Our first Halloween as a family of 4 was perfect,  and now we have candy to eat.

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