Friday:  We decorated our Christmas Tree.  No, I didn't type that wrong.  Our tree is up and decorated, and the smile on Max's face...I would leave this tree up all year, but I could only imagine the comments that people would say.  We're already getting them for putting our tree up early.  Well you nonearly Christmas people, don't go to Disneyland/world, they already have it decorated.  Don't go to the stores, they already have decorations out.  Don't watch commercials, because they already are showing holiday goodies.   Don't go to Starbucks because they already have their red cups and holiday drinks.   Maybeeeee you should watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and have your heart grow a few sizes.  Bahhumbug to you.  Tell Max our tree is up too early, and see what happens.  I dare you.

I let him decorate the tree.  I couldn't stop laughing once he was done.  All the ornaments are at the bottom all clustered up.  He was so happy with his work.  After we were done (nonearly Christmas people look away now) we watched Polar Express and had hot chocolate.  It was a perfect evening.

Saturday: A couple of Ian's friends came into town and we went exploring downtown.  We went to lunch at a place called Tat's Delicatessen.  Holy yum.  The sandwiches were so good.  The people that own the place are from Philly so they have jerseys of all their sports teams.  Max kept saying, "Oh it's the bad guys!"

We then went to Pike Place Market.  I love it there.  We went to Starbucks, not the original one, but the one that is one block away with no long line.  Holiday drinks are buy one get one free from 2-5 so you better believe us early Christmas people hit that up.

We went to a Silvertips game last night.  It was really fun.  It definitely wasn't the Coyotes, but it was fun to watch hockey again.  Max loved it.  He wore his Coyotes jersey.  We justified his wearing it because Peter Mueller use to play for the Silvertips and once played for the Coyotes, and he's 3 and cute.

When we got home Ian and I watched The Heat.  I laughed, like really laughed.  That Melissa McCarthy (who will always be Suki to me) is one funny lady.

Sunday:  Right now I'm watching Emma play in her saucer and baby chat me up.  I'm watching a Christmas movie that is way too sad.   Hello tears in the first 5 minutes...
So I've now finished the movie.  It was a true story.  I had the ugly cries going on.  A Heart for Christmas.  Netflix it, with tissues.

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  1. I wish my husband would let me put our tree up now! Guess he is a grinch haha.

    1. I pulled our tree out while my husband was at work and put it up! He would of waited longer, but Max and I couldn't wait!

  2. Gary won't let me put the tree up yet either.. Not until after Thanksgiving!! We usually take it down Christmas morning too! he is a grinch.. I can't believe you put your tree up already.

    1. I think seeing everyone else Instagramming their Christmas decorations got me in the Christmas spirit!