Hello Sunshine

Today marks day three of us waking up to some sunshine.  Even Max is surprised with all the sun exclaiming, "It's sunny again?!"   It's so beautiful out that we took a walk yesterday down to the lake.  Beautiful, yes.  Freaking cold, YES.  It only made sense to get the kid a milkshake, with it being so cold and all.  Max was one happy, very cold, camper.

This week I hung our stockings by the fireplace.  Max spends his time saying, "M-A-X, Max, that's me Mommy!"  I cannot wait to get Elf on a Shelf this year. 
Ian set up the garage so I can get my fitness on while the kiddos can play.  Well, Max plays and Emma just gets to sit and watch.  They are the two cutest workout buddies.
Yesterday I got an early birthday gift from my family.  My first pair of rain boots!! Max told me to take a picture, so obviously I take pictures way too often...

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