I'm Done For

She was having a grand time falling over on the couch.

Then she got serious because Max was playing across from her,
and she wanted to go be by her bff.

I still can't believe she can sit by herself. 

We went and watched Ian play hockey on Monday night.
Max saw his Daddy score the first goal, ate a yummy looking
homemade oatmeal cookie, and had fun laughing at the man
yelling next to us.  The guy was yelling in Russian, and I have
no clue what he was saying, but it sounded mean.

We put up the tree on Monday.  We haven't decorated it
just yet, but it's never too early for Christmas.  The decorations I did
put around the house, get hidden on the steps by a certain
3 year old who thinks is soooo funny.  It's not.

This kid...he's funny, silly, bossy, down right naughty, and
can drive me crazy, but the minute he looks at me and says,
"I love you Mommy." I'm done for.

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