-Today was Max's last soccer practice.   He scored a goal!  He also stood up for himself to a little bully (who I have nicknamed jerk face.  Real mature, I know) and first used his words, then resorted to pushing the kid back.  Jerk face, who is a really cute kid, but happens to be a bully and pushes the other kids, kept pushing Max throughout practice.  It wasn't just when they were playing soccer, but also when they were practicing their dribbling and doing running drills.  Max had enough and yelled, "Don't push me!" and then pushed him with all his three year old might.  I'd never seen Max so mad.   I know getting physical isn't the answer.  When I was teaching it drove me crazy when kids did this, but I have to say I was proud of Max.   The kid left Max alone after that.   Emma was bored with it all and fell asleep.

-I created a page for my blog on Facebook (So official), and if you go HERE and like it, that would be super.

-I've updated the Blogs I Love, so click on over and check some of those out.  I'll tell you for the millionth time, If you aren't reading Camp Patton you are missing out.   Now those are only some of the blogs I love.  I follow so many, it's ridiculous or sad...I don't know.

-I also updated the Product Review page. 

-My cousin, Adrianna, has her own Etsy shop.  She designs and creates some lovely lingerie.

-My friend, Jessa, has an Etsy shop with custom made goodies.

-My crafty friend, Eryn (maker of Emma's hat) has a Facebook page for her business, Almost Peaches.  Go like away!

-I leave you with a video of Emma laughing at the one person she finds funny.  Max. 

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