In the past week or so, I don't know what's happened to my Max...the one who was a happy camper.  The one who would laugh at my silly jokes.  The one who would talk to me in his sweet 3 year old voice.  That Max is no where in sight.  Now I have a 3 year old who thinks he's going through his teenage years, I'm boss, you don't know anything Mom, I'm going to stomp my feet, phase.  He doesn't laugh at my jokes.  Okay, maybe he's just realized that they aren't funny.   I don't know. 

Last night we asked what he wanted for dinner.  He settled on ravioli.  I made it for him, cut it up all nice.  I set it on his table and nicely said, "Maaaax! Come eat your dinnerrrrr!"  To which he replied, "NO! I NOT EAT DINNER!"  Umm....deep breath from me.  "It's ravioli.  You just said you wanted ravioli." He said, "I  NOT want ravioli!"  Deeper breath from me.  He slowly makes his pouty way into the kitchen.  I told him he needed to take a bite.  He looks at me, grabs a gold fish cracker, put it in his mouth, chews it with some umph, and runs away before taking a bite of ravioli.  That's how meal times go lately.  He asks for something, and then gets pissed because I got him what he wanted. 

Is he wanting attention?  I feel like I give him plenty of attention.  I play baseball, soccer, hockey, football, AND basketball with him.  One right after another.  We'll read books.  We'll sing Row Row Row Your Boat over and over again, and then one more time because he said, "Again Mommy!"  Why is my 3 year old acting like a rebellious 13 year old?  I not like it! (as Max would say)

We asked him this morning what nickname he likes: Boo Boo, Bear, or Maxwell.  He said, "Max.  I just Max." 

Yes, you are Max.

He's growing up too fast.
Okay, I'm going to go cry now. 
Happy Thursday!
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  1. Anonymous11/16/2013

    Such a cutie! I remember when my daughter went through that stage. She is still somewhat in it and she's 7. Good luck! :)