Starting from the top left and working my way down to the bottom right...
1. We left for Vancouver, WA at 2 in the afternoon and didn't get there until after 6, or maybe it was later.  There was so much traffic, but Emma slept most of the way, and Max was his awesome traveler self.  We played the ABC game on the way and Max took over and we were only looking for the letter "W".  He's boss.
2. There was a birthday celebration, which meant there were balloons.  Max had fun letting go the balloon and having someone give it back to him, just so he could let it go.  This went on and on and on.
3. Emma loved the balloon.  You would hold it in front of her face and her arms would get stiff, she'd move her little hands fast, and say, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!"
4. Emma was watching the parade and just relaxing like most soon to be 6 month olds.
5 & 6. Max discovered the game of foosball and nothing else mattered.
7. Bacon on the turkey. Enough said.
8. Max was seriously good at playing foosball and wanted to play All. Night.
9. Neighborhood watch.

I tried to get both of them too look at me and give me a cheesy smile. Pictures 1-9: fail.

Our family.

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and ate to your hearts content. 

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