That She Is

Saturday night we made pizza, snuggled on the couch, watched the Coyotes game (they were down 2 goals, came back tied the game, and then won in a shootout!) and then watched White House Down. I even drank (chugged) a glass of white wine.  It's growing on me.  

Emma tried apples over the weekend.  She was not a fan.

She got back at me by trying to claw my face off.  Looks like such a sweet
moment with us, but she's vicious with her clawing.

Max put this on Emma's head and declared her a princess.
Then this happened and my heart almost exploded.
Today we went to church.  It's been a long time since we've gone (responses were way different from what I remember saying), and I was worried about how the kiddos would behave.  Max was really good, because he was still tired and he knew that he would get a special treat if he behaved.  Good boy he is when a special treat is involved.  Emma was good.  She started to get fussy and I took her to the cry room.  The minute we entered the room she was quiet as a mouse.  A mom with her two daughters started chatting with me and I asked the age of her youngest little girl.  She answered 9 months.  Emma was much bigger than her and I told her Emma is 5 months and she said, "Wow she's a big girl!"   That. She. Is.  

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