What a year it has been for us. We went from living in the sunny state of AZ and cheering on the Coyotes, to living in the cloudy (though not as cloudy as I've been told) state of WA cheering on the Sounders.  I went from being 5 months preggers in January to Emma being 7 months on December 31st.  

Max has grown so much this year!  He has gotten taller, funnier, sweeter, smarter, went from being a single child to an awesome big brother!  He started preschool, learned to play soccer, made friends in his classes, and turned the big 3 this year.

Ian ran a half marathon at the beginning of the year, got a new job that he is flourishing at, went from being a wonderful Daddy to one to being a wonderful Daddy of two!

I went from being pregnant (and actually enjoying my pregnancy), to being over due (but still enjoying my pregnancy), I'm now a Mommy of two, ran the Color Run that wasn't so fun with all the hills, enjoying life in the pacific northwest.  (I have yet to go to Forks, but I will.)

Emma went from being a super ninja in the womb to being a girl who can give a good b-slap, and pull hair hard.  She went from a little 7 lb 10 oz newborn to a 20 lb 6 month old who is still toothless despite all the teething going on.  One better pop out soon!

2013 has been so good to us, and I'm excited to see what 2014 holds for the Winklmann family.

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