7 Months

It's the last day in 2013 and also the day that Emma turns 7 months!!  She was much more excited about turning 7 months than she was turning 6 months.  

Emma Facts
-Sleeping through the night is something of the past.  She wakes now at least twice a night.  
-She is still toothless, but teething up a storm.
-She gets on her knees and rocks back and forth, but hasn't quite figured out how to crawl.  She rolls if she wants to get anywhere.
-Holy tantrum when you take away something she wants to play with.  She threw up this morning and was playing with her puke.  I cleaned it up, and the crying, arching back, diva came out.  Who knew playing with puke was fun?  Emma did. 
-She is not a fan of mashed potatoes.  Is she my daughter?! 
-She baby talks nonstop, and I think she's going to be a chatter box when she's older.  Sorry future teachers.
-She celebrated her first Christmas, and she loved opening gifts and putting said gift straight to her mouth.
-Her favorite item of the month is her Sophie teether she got from Grandma and Grandpa.  She chomps on it so hard.
-She doesn't like to share.  Max tries to play with her toys, and she starts to cry, cry, cry and stops him from touching her items of fun. 
-She loves her Daddy and her face lights up when she sees him.  It's pretty cute. 
-We're still going strong on the breastfeeding, which I'm really happy about...but once she's no longer toothless I'm thinking we'll stop.  I'm scared of her teeth....

I cannot believe my baby girl is 7 months!  We love you Emma girl and the past 7 months have been such a blessing with you in our lives.  You are pretty darn awesome. 

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