Double Whammy

Being sick sucks, but throw in a sick 6 month old and you have a double whammy.  I felt bad yesterday when I woke up, and Emma started to sniffle last night. Before 9 in the AM today we've already steamed up the bathroom 3 times.  The poor baby girl is so congested.  It's a sad sight.  I'm super congested as well....and that's a scary sight.  I hope this is only a couple day thing, because I have things to do!

This weekend was a busy one.  We Ian decorated the outside of our place.  We wrapped presents.  We got some of our Christmas cards done.  We drove around to look at Christmas lights.  We Ian and Max went ice skating.  Emma and I watched and then the lucky girl fell asleep.

We also watched the Steelers play some good football.  So the husband was happy, Max was jumping up and down, and the girl and myself napped through most of the game.  Go Steelers!

Now it's Monday.  I have a few choice words for Monday, but I'll refrain.  I told Max when he says bad words he has to sit in timeout.  He's on a roll with bad words.  Dammit is his favorite.  I'm just happy he chose that one to repeat and not that 4 letter word his Daddy is always saying.  Yes, he chose the word that I rarely say.  Of course.  He also says stupid, thanks to Charlie Brown.  Potty mouth that kid.

These two melt my heart. Max's face...the kid loves being on the ice. 

This girl...I love her. 

Max's snowman foot now has a little friend!

Today we're going to pretend I'm not sick and decorate an ice cream cone tree and make a fingerprint candy cane.  

I'm on my 4th cup of green tea, and the girl is on her second nap of the day.   I hate being sick. 

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  1. That is so cute that he says potty words. I love it!! :) Looks like y'all are having a blast in WA.