When I stopped eating meat, it was hard.  I loved cheeseburgers, and when I was pregnant with Emma that's all I wanted to eat.  Some days it's easy to go about my day and not have meat, but other days it's down right tough not to go buy a steak and grill that baby up.  When Gardein offered me a chance  to try out their meat-less products I was excited to do so, because veggie burgers get old.

Ian went shopping this past week and grabbed 5 different bags of Gardein products.  They have many different choices and new products that would be great for holiday parties.   What I liked about the product right off the bat is that the bags are resealable, so I don't have to eat the whole thing at once, but it's so good you just might.  Also on the bags it gives you a meal idea, which is fantastic! 

When I tried the crispy tenders, I had also made Max chicken strips and swapped one out.  He didn't even notice.  He ate it right up. (High five Gardein!)  I made a chicken wrap from the meal ideas off their website.  Beyond delicious.  I've also tried the beefless strips, and mixed it with brown rice.  So good that I ate the leftovers the next day!  

So meat eaters and nonmeat eaters alike, go grab yourself some Gardein, check out their website, and make yourself some yummy meals! 

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