Half Birthday

My little lady turned 6 months yesterday!!  To say she was excited about this would be a lie.   She was so upset.  I guess turning 1 is like turning 30.  I tried to take pictures of her, but she wanted none of it. 

Emma Facts
-Emma loves not only sweet potatoes, but carrots and squash as well.  We tried baby oatmeal, and she spit that right out. 
-She is a chatterbox.  She baby talks/sings up a storm! 
-She is itching to move.   She'll try her hardest to crawl, but just can't figure it out yet.  She can roll herself around though, which works for her.
-When she's mad about something she'll arch her back, throw her head back, and cry. 
-She's wearing 6-9 month clothes.
-She celebrated her first Thanksgiving and I think she's going to be a big fan in the coming years. 
-She loves being around her big brother.

Emma has her 6 month appointment later this week.  I think there are shots, and we are not fans of shots.  At. All. 

I'm 6 months?!  What?!

Daddy bought her these snazzy looking shoes.

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